Cusines For Newly Married

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I Wish You Both
A Happy Married Life!!!

After marriage, it's natural for a husband to expect his wife to take charge of his kitchen and give him home made food. Similarly the Girl turned Lady feels that she should win the heart of her partner through her culinary skills. Often the question comes - Where to start?

It's still fresh in my memory when we both landed in Mumbai, soon after our Marriage. Luckily for me my Mom gifted Malati Chadur's Cook-book (in Telugu). He brought Thotakoora (Amaranth) and asked me to prepare its Dal. Confidently I turned the pages in this cook-book. It has Bachalikoora (Malbar Spinach) Pappu but not Thotakoora Pappu. I collected my wits and started to replace Thotakoora with Bachalikoora and went ahead with the preparation. Surprisingly I found the outcome to be quite OK and also got his appreciation. Later I tried a few simple  recipes from this book, the experience of which put me on a strong note. Within no time I could handle my kitchen with ease.

Your mother would also have had a similar experience to share!!!

Against this background, I want to share with the new brides a message that "cooking is a simple job". Just try a few simple recipes of your choice. Very soon you would get a very strong hold on the subject. The basics of cooking are simple and easy to learn. It has four simple steps -

  1. Washing and cutting vegetables
  2. Cooking the Vegetables
  3. Seasoning or Garnishing
  4. Allowing standing time for the flavors to get absorbed

Believe me that many recipes have fancy names but are just a small variation from a basic recipe. A few additions, deletions and a simple change in proportions of the ingredients brings in huge difference in taste. Just have confidence and very soon you would become "Queen" of your Kitchen.

You may try the following 20 recipes and thereafter give me your feedback as to how confident you became. I'm sure would become an expert.  Click here to see what other friends have shared!!!

I have taken care not to include  recipes which a Bachelor would have already attempted and gained proficiency. After all my objective is to assist you in winning his heart with new recipes, which he hasn't tried. Isn't it?

If possible ask your partner to read the article on Essentials of Good Cooking and Eating

After 25 years of married life I share a secret. In Indian families, power flows from the Kitchen and battles at home are fought to have control over the kitchen.  " Gayatrivantillu" is there to help you win every battle through winning the hearts of your near and dear.

Happy Cooking & Eating!!!!

You Both Enjoy Life to its Full !!!!!!!!

P.S Here is a  Marriage Invitation to both of you. I request you to join for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and bless the participants!!!