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Recipe Text


    Water – 600ml

    Black Tea Leaves – 1/2tsp

    Juice Of Half A Lemon

    Honey – 2tsps (Optional)

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    Using Stove Top:

    Take a bowl and add 600ml water. Place the bowl on stove burner and heat it. When water starts boiling, switch off the flame. Add tea leaves into the hot water and stir well. Cover the bowl with a lid and allow tea to steep for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes remove lid and observe that black tea is ready to serve. Squeeze half a lemon into the tea mixture. If preferred add some honey to the tea mixture and mix well. Take a small jug and place a tea strainer. Pour the tea mixture into the jug through tea strainer. Pour the collected tea into mugs or cups and serve immediately.

    Using Microwave Oven:

    Take a microwave safe tea pot. Here I have used a glass microwave safe tea pot which has a tea strainer in it. Observe that the tea strainer has fine cuts through which tea gets strained leaving behind the leaves as residue.

    Add water to tea pot and insert the tea strainer into it. Add tea leaves into the strainer and cover tea pot with lid. Place the tea pot in microwave oven and heat on high power for 5 minutes or till water starts boiling. When done, remove the tea pot from microwave oven and lift the tea strainer. By infusing tea leaves in hot water, tea essence gets steeped leaving behind a residue in the strainer---discard the residue. Pour the prepared tea into tea cups and serve immediately. If preferred to sweeten tea, add some honey to the prepared tea and mix and then serve.

    Points To Observe:

    While making black tea, remember not to boil tea leaves in water---just add tea leaves to boiling water and allow to steep for 5 minutes so that it gets infused into the water. While making tea in microwave oven also we are heating the mixture only till water starts boiling. Do not boil tea leaves in water or else black tea tastes bitter.

    Adding lemon juice gives a nice taste to black tea.

    I generally prefer not to add any sweetener to my cup of black tea---but if preferred add some honey and mix well and serve. But remember to add honey to the tea mixture when the tea mixture cools down slightly---otherwise the enzymes in honey get damaged and one would not get the benefits of honey.

    Serve tea warm to enjoy its taste. In summer season one can chill this tea mixture and serve with ice.

    Black tea is calorie free beverage but is rich in antioxidants.

    Lemon which is rich in Vitamin C improves the taste of black tea. Lemons also increase the staying power of antioxidants in black tea.

    Lemon juice mixed with warm water when consumed early in the morning cleanses the body system---black tea is a perfect beverage to drink early in the morning.

    Do make black tea as mentioned here and enjoy the health benefits.

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