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This page is dedicated to my viewers who shared their success through photographs. The slide-show show-cases the  photos sent by them.

Those desiring to similarly share their success, are requested to  send their recipe outcome photos to

Scroll down further to view the contents of the respective e-mails matching with the photo numbers. The photos are arranged chronologically with the latest appearing first.

Your Achievements & e-mails

  Your emails to

Photos 1 & 2

Hi Gayatri garu,
I made some of your recipes. I as you mentioned on ur website... I enjoyed cooking, serving and eating :))

I am attaching couple of photographs that I have tried and tested.
Ravva Dosa with ginger chutney ( this I made immediately after watching ur video)
Gunta pongadalu


Photos 3 & 4

Gayatri garu, etla unnaru :-)
recently prepared ur pineaple kesari and mixed vegetable rice, .....needless to say turned out v.yummy  which all my family waale enjoyed, shared them with my Indian neighbours too who v.much liked them...!
eppudu oorikene e-mails pamputuntaanu that I tried one or two of ur recipes ani andukane... ee sari koddiga twist thoti , dishes snaps pampudamani ankunnanu, ...which 'am sure wud make u happy :-)

ok andi mari, ..

Photo 5

Hi Gayatri garu,
I am fond of your recipes. I like  the way you take care of the description.
I am attaching the picture of katte pongal, This is the first time I am making allum chutney. Thanks a lot for introducing me to these tastes.

- Suma

Photo 6

hello Gayatri garu,
how are you, ...
Just wanted to let you know that I had recently tried your egless choc pastry, it came out v.delicious,!,
...only thing was,.. it was a bit hard around the edges,....and not that fluffy (spongy), .....mari nenu ekkada tappu chesano teliyadu, ...Ihad to bake it for 15more minutes, 30 minutes in total, mine is a compact oven,...temp. settign had to be 180 C,
but anywayz, ..motthaniki baking sectionlo dhyryam chesinanduku, it was a good effort, result was fruitful :-)
do u by anychance have a tip for an egg substitute?, teliste tappakunda cheppandi, ...!, ....also inthakumundu adigaanu anukondi but ayina,...meeku intlo venna teese method teliste cheppandi plz, ...
ok andi mari, ..waiting for your chaat recipes (also bobbatlu, if u remember!!)

Photo 7

hello Gayatri garu,
how are you doing, ...
nenu monna mee dondakaaya 'kaaya' kura chusanu, akkada maa city lo frozen dorikite, I just thawed it in the microwave for 2 mins. , it was around 1 and half kilo quantity, ....popu lo mamuluga ivi vese mundu, senagapindi spice mixture baaga fry cheyi appudu ee mukkalu kalipaanu. daani meeda malli marintha noone vesi, sannani sega meeda, meeku photos lo kanapadutunna pourous lid ni pettanu, ...(actually its my pizza base tray of the compact oven), so ala oka 45 mins rougly vandite, ...chaala tasty ga vachindi, just wanted to share that with you! :-)
mee eggless marble cake recipe is a highlight of the recent videos of your website, ....naakosame meeru chupinchinattuga undindi! .....tappakunda try chestaanu ee saari ,...
ok andi mari, mee vallandarini adiganani cheppandi...
take care, bye

Photo 8

Gayatri garu,

ee madhya mee recipes list lo unna 'paala kova' chesaanu, pic meeku pampudamani.....
ruchi chaala bagundi, be frank enno microwave methods unnayi as u might know to prepare this sweet dish but kashte phale annarukada!!! so aa vidhanga, ...we all enjoyed its end result.....

Photo 9

Hello andi
Just prepared ur banana cupcake recipe!!, ...wanted to share its snap, ...instead of using 1 egg according to ur recipe,..I used silken tofu around 1/4 cup and blended it till fluffy using li'l milk,....except that migita anni meeru cheppina vidhanga batter prepare chesukunnanu,..had to bake 10 mins more thats all ...
ok mari bye

Photos 10 to 14

Hello Gayatriji :-)
Hope you are doing well ....
I just thought of sending you some snaps of the 'cabbage vada's' I had prepared the other day, one of your recipes from your website.
At the satge where we are required to press the batter and pat it on a wet plastic sheet, I had used a ladle which had a quarter an inch depth and pressed the batter slightly with a spoon and gently dropped it in to the oil,.....they came out v.well and also without loosing the shape of vadas,....
I was so thrilled that I thought will share it with you too, other visitors of your website could find this trick useful,...!

Photos 15

Hello Gayatri garu
how are you doing :-), monna mee "bora of orissa" recipe try chesaanu, they came out v.tasty, I just added some fresh coconut pieces to the batter.
maa intivaallu nenu chesina vaatiki saradaaga 'toka chukka boralu' ani peru pettaru! was my mistake actually din't take care to drop them along the wall of the wok! ...
Just thought of sending you the related photos.
Warm Regards

Photos 16 to 22

Dear Gayatri garu,

 I have prepared some recipes after watching your videos. Please find attached the same. I have included the pictures of

  1. Pesarattu
  2. Aloo paratha
  3. Cauliflower vepudu karam
  4. Stuffed capsicum
  5. Aloo bonda
  6. Palak Paneer
  7. Chilli Paneer masala

Aloo paratha turned out excellent after following your tips of resting the dough at various stages of preparation. We enjoyed it very much. Cauliflower vepudu karam is a new dish to us-- something like 'maa chinna ambula podi lo maro asthram'. It is very tasty and different from the normal cauliflower curry we prepare. Stuffed capsicum is also very tasty.

Thank you very much for the dishes. Awaiting more recipes.

Best regards,

Photo 23

hello gayathri garu..,

          At last i succeed in baking of pav. am also attached a pic of it. thanxs for the nice the nice recipe

Avanthi Hazari

Photo 24
Dear Gayatri garu,

      We have tried the dosa preparation. Please find attached the pictures I and my friend Tamil Selvi have together prepared. Cone dosa was interesting :-)

Best regards,