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Telugu to English Equivalents

Koora          =    Curry

Pachadi        =    Chutney

Pappu          =     Dal / Boiled Pulses

Pulusu          =     Gravy Dish /Sauced with Tamarind

Vepudu         =     Fry

Scroll down to find a few selected recipes which I feel are relatively easy to prepare by a novice to cooking

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A-Z List (Telugu & English)


Kitchen Aids

Plain Rice

Curd & Hung Curd

Tomato Pappu (Dal)

Tomato Koora (Curry)

Tomato Upma

Dosa Potato Curry

Puri Potato Curry

Cold Coffee

Black Tea

Kandi Podi


Allam Pachhadi (Sweet Ginger Chutney)

Nimmakaya Uragaya (Lemon Pickle)

Valentines Pulao

Cucumber Raita

Yet a Few More ...............

Sorakaya ( Bottle Gourd) Pappu (Dal)

Sorakaya Kooralu (Bottlegourd Curries)

Beerakaya (Ridge Gourd) Koora (Curry)

Beerakaya Pappu (Ridge gourd Dal)

Charu (Rasam)

Nuvvu Podi (Spicied Sesame Powder)

Onion Raita

Sandesh (Sweet)

Wish You A Happy Cooking !!!!!
Once a person is able to prepare and succeed in the above items, he can confidently try my other recipes as listed in Categorized list or A-Z list.