Til Ladoo - Chimmiri - చిమ్మిరి - तिल के लड्डू - Sesame seeds ladoo with Jaggery

Makes: 11 Chimmiri Balls


    • Sesame Seeds – 100gms

    • Coconut – 50gms

    • Jaggery (Arisala Bellam- preferably) – 150gms

    • Cardamoms – 2


Keep a half coconut in refrigerator for 5 days before preparing Chimmiri, so that it dries partially. Take Sesame seeds in a paper plate and place that plate in a microwave oven. Dry roast the sesame seeds on high power for one minute. Stir once with a spoon and again microwave on high power for 30 seconds. By now you will observe that the sesame seeds are somewhat crispy. Cool them a bit and take one-third of the seeds in a mixie jar and grind them to a powder. Take the half dried coconut and cut it into small pieces. Grind the coconut pieces in a mixie jar. Chop the Jaggery finely and keep it aside. Powder the cardamoms and keep it in a closed container till use so as to retain its nice aroma.


Take a microwave safe glass bowl and add chopped Jaggery to it. Add cardamom powder & grated coconut and mix well. Place this bowl in a microwave oven and cook on high power for 1 minute. Stir once with a spoon and again microwave on high power for nearly 45 seconds or till Jaggery melts. It took 47 seconds for me. Remove this bowl from microwave oven and mix once with a spoon. Add powdered sesame seeds, remaining roasted sesame seeds and mix well. Stir with a spoon till everything is mixed well. Cool the mixture for some time till you can hold it. While it is still warm to hold make laddoos and arrange them in a plate. Serve them and enjoy.

Points To Observe:

  • Coconut should be dried in refrigerator for minimum 5 days. One can also use dried coconut which is available in the market. But I prefer to dry it in fridge and use it because, the market bought dried coconut when grated, at times leaves a smell of coconut oil which may spoil the taste. The partially dried coconut (which I have used), though dry retains the taste of a fresh coconut and tastes better.

  • Sesame seeds have to be fresh when used for making Chimmiri. Do not use old tasteless seeds which will not bring the right flavor. Dry roast the seeds just to remove the raw flavor. I have powdered one-third of the seeds so that it will help in binding while making laddoos. Our ancestors used to pound the sesame seeds and jaggery in a mortar and pestle to make Chimmiri. While pounding some sesame seeds were crushed to powder. In present day scenario it is difficult to find a mortar and pestle and we don’t have time and patience to make recipes that way. So in an amended version we are using powdered sesame seeds and melted Jaggery! (In this recipe Jaggery is melted in a microwave oven) to bind the ingredients to make this dish.

  • Jaggery used here is ARISALA BELLAM which is dark brown in color unlike the light colored one which we usually get in super markets. The ARISALA BELLAM tastes sweeter & hence is better for this recipe.

  • Always remember to keep cardamom powder in a closed container till use to retain its nice aroma.

  • Take care not to make laddoos as soon as you mix the ingredients in hot coconut-Jaggery mixture—it may burn your fingers. Make laddoos while the mixture is still warm to hold—when the mixture becomes cold one cannot make laddoos—it will be powdery. If required smear a little ghee on your palms while making laddoos.

Why make Chimmiri and who should eat Chimmiri

  • Chimmiri is given to girls on attaining puberty. Chimmiri contains Sesame seeds which provide body heat (Vedi) to stimulate healthy ovulation. Our ancestors have nicely invented this self balancing recipe for the young girls. Chimmiri that is to be given to girls should preferably be made from raw Sesame seeds only and for other lady guests roasted sesame ones.

  • But all in the family including children can eat these Sesame Balls - Chimmiri Undalu. They can have both variations as per their choice and taste!!!!