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In the past Mother Theresa and many others of her like have taken birth, served humanity and left for heavenly abode. God continues to send new faces of her ilk for providing succor to the poor and weak. While only a few of them come to lime-light, many go unnoticed. These souls have a mission and mostly don't work for awards, recognition and accolades. They are the true "Missionaries (Karma Yogis)" who are the real agents of God and see a human-being as a human-being and are blind to religion, color, creed, caste, race etc.

It reminds me of an instance in Gandhiji's life when an acquaintance approached him to seek a certificate for the good work done by him so that he can produce it to government authorities. Gandhiji replied "The good work done by you is known to the people who are benefited by it, which itself is a certificate. Why is any more certificate needed?"

Media which mostly covers glitter, sensation etc, sometimes suddenly wakes up. As a part of their "Corporate Social  Responsibility" brings to lime-light a few Karma Yogis only, which their cameras can capture. While this aspect of highlighting the issues is nice, announcing a competition amongst these Karma Yogis is an amusing aspect.  These missionaries never asked nor threw a challenge at each other to prove their popularity. Its just a media hype to capture audience by all means. Imagine if GOD is one then how Ram, Allah and Christ can compete with each other. One need not be surprised if some day for publicity the media would announce a competition between the one God too!!

Poverty, exploitation etc are very naked, where-ever they exist and can be easily captured on cameras and featured into a film. It's easy to strike a chord of compassion in a person by showing him the pitiable lives. The film "Slum dog millionaire" is an excellent example where it could show-case the poverty in the Mumbai slums twined with the glamor of a TV Show. It cashed on it and walked away with the monies. Shamelessly we the people and media went into raptures for the Oscar Awards showered on it and discussed it everywhere. Ultimately what happened to the people of Dharavi slum or the central characters of this film? Where did the award money or the show collections go?

My film on Jattu Sevasram is no less a crime, if my sympathy,empathy and support is not lying with the central theme and characters featured in that film.

Never the less the  positive aspect of the media's so called competitions for selecting the real heroes of the poor makes us atleast aware  of the various problems which the underprivileged are facing and makes us ponder as to whether we can join our hands with these missionaries.

Click here to see the list of 10 noble souls showcased by the CNN. Hopefully your vote to Narayanan Krishnan would help the destitute in Madurai with shelter and food through Akshaya Trust founded by him.

I wish CNN gives the prize money of $ 100,000 to each of them working for the human dignity instead of announcing a competition, which is amusing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smt Gayatri Garu,

I have watched a few videos and you present them really well.

I am writing this personally seeking a favor from you for a genuine casue. This is about Mr. Krishnan Narayanan who quit on being a five star hotel chef and started an organization Akshaya ( feeding the destitutes in Madhurai. Please check his website for details.

Mr. Krishnan has been selected to be one of top 10 nominees for CNN 2010 heroes award this year. Can you please help us post the details on your website so that your fans could vote for Krishnan to win this award.

I am sincerely seeking this help from you for a good cause.

October 7, 2010 4:48 AM

BloggerGayatri Vantillu said...

I would have been happy had the blogger who introduced Krishnan left his name after the post.

I visited Akshaya Trust website. Their service is really impressive. Never-the-less I would like my viewers to be informed about how Krishnan proposes to spend the prize money received from CNN. I presume he would place it with the Akshaya Trust

I have provided the relevant links in my website. Click on the link below

I also provided a link on the main page.

October 8, 2010 7:28 AM

Vauhini Vakati said.....

Gayatri garu,

This is the first time I have posted something on internet just for the sake of Akshaya and probbaly I felt a little shy and preferred to be anonymous.

In regards to Akshaya, They are constructing shelter for the destitutes in Madhurai (purchased  2.5 acres and construction is progressing as donations are recieved) and I am very positive, every penny be it prize money or donations, would only go towards Akshaya's goal one way or the other. The website has all details on how AKshaya operates detailing their future plans.

My sincere thank you to you Maam for your immediate and prompt response for an anonymous request.

Vauhini Vakati.
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