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Bhiskshaam Dehi


Gayatri Vantillu


Mataa Annapurneswari

Hunger is the only desire of a human being which can be satisfied with a meal. Other human desires are not satiable. While feeding a hungry person he would eat to his stomach-full and at some point say "ENOUGH", which is not the case with other desires and wishes. Thus our ancestors place highest position for Anna-Daanam.

Hunger is also the worst form of poverty. I remember my grandfather keeping aside a fistful of rice from his meal and offering it to the birds and animals. Similarly my grandmother before having her food, used to host  a lunch for the visitors or students in the “Paatha Saala” (Village School) . In either case, the elders made it a way of life to share a portion of what they had with the less privileged - be humans or other living things.

Man is a social animal and every person is benefited by the society around him, so is the case with me too. Thus an urge in me to payback to the society through the means in which I can afford to. Therefore I have decided to host and share the art of cooking for free with the net community. 

It's heartening to receive your e-mails of appreciation and encouraging words on my recipes. The ever increasing viewership is a constant source of encouragement to my venture. Thus I presume that the my site is useful in assisting people to prepare tasty food at home. Probably it's also saving on your restaurant and fast food bills too !! I encourage all my viewers to see the recipes on "Gayatri Vantillu" free of cost and promise to keep it free as a part of my social obligation.

We all belong to a class fortunate who have two to three square meals a day while many underprivileged in the world don’t have the luxury of having atleast one meal a day. There is a saying in Shastras that we should utilize one eight (12.5%) of our earnings in Daana & Dharma. It seems to be of a very high order prescribed by our ancestors, isn’t?

If my site happened to save some of your money  by cutting down on the restaurant and other bills, I appeal to you to share only a few morsels (not 12.5%) from these savings with the less privileged children in this world. On belhalf of such under-privileged children and aged in our society, I seek Bhiksha (Voluntary Contribution) on behalf of these organisations from You (an avatar of Annapurneswari) in return for the savings on the restaurant bills if any.

Bhikshaamdehi ......... Mataa Annapurneswari.

If you wish to gift some amount as a token of appreciation for my work on "Gayatri Vantillu", please support Jattu Sevashramam or SOS Childrens’ Villages or Akshaya Patra. Contributions can be made directly from your home computer with credit cards for SOS Childrens’ Villages or Akshayapatra

Jattu Sevashramam activities are already featured in the video above. Jattu Sevashramam are a very small organization  and their need is relatively high due to their remote location and inability to reach the cross section of donors. Contributions may be sent to

Official Name for the Account: Jattu Trust 
Name of the Bank: State Bank of India, ADB, Parvathipuram
Bank Account Number: 31133951499
MICR Code : 535002103
IFS Code : SBIN0001848

In some countries you have tax rebates and concessions for these contributions.

I need not be informed as to how much and where you have given your donations. The left hand shouldn't know what the right hand has donated. However small a contribution is, the gesture itself is GREAT. 

JATTU Sevashramam is a place where the destitute children and old are provided with Shelter, Food, Medical care, Functional Literacy with Love and Care.

SOS Childrens’ Village is an organization which provides food, shelter and education to the abandoned children (due to natural disasters, catastrophes, war, social unrest, social prejudices etc).

Akshya Patra is an (ISKCON-Bangalore) organization which is feeding and educating the downtrodden children. Click here to reach their page on

It's possible that you are already associated with some other organizations and engaged in Daana and Dharma. Such of you, kindly ignore this appeal. As a person who has already contributed to the society, you have a right to draw from the society's resources too for which you may benefit from my recipe videos by visiting my website. Each visit of yours generates a small income, from which I'm able to donate a portion.

Though there is a demand, I consciously don't publish or sell my recipe videos in CDs or books.  I haven't given permission to any to host my recipe texts or videos. I encourage people to visit my site as often as possible and support me in my endeavor by watching my recipes on my web-site only. Kill web-piracy !! 


Padmaja, Jattu Ashramam said...

Thanks to the fraternity of for your support to Jattu Ashramam. We are able to have good food. With your sustained support more children and senior citizens can get food. Thanks once again to Gayathri garu and all good samaritans.

Padmaja, Jattu Ashramam.

July 28, 2011 3:30 PM

Manjunath, SEO Lead, Akshaya Patra said.....

Dear Gayathri,

I am Manjunath on behalf of Akshaya Patra Foundation, We appreciate for your support to Akshaya Patra Foundation on your website. It has brought to us new members and donations. We really appreciate individuals who take a moment in their busy life to contribute to causes that really matters. We cheer your efforts and wish you all the very best in all your endeavors!!

We like to have the content on your website about Akshaya Patra Foundation and information about how to make donations which will have more impact and donors can understand how to donate. You can find the content (to be hosted) as an attachment.

Thanks & Regards,

Manjunath, SEO Lead,  +91 98443 86739

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nanamma97 said...

modatisari mee site ki vachchaanu.
Adbhutamugaa vundi. mee articles annee chadivaanu. bhikshaamdehi chaala manchi vishayam.meeru nijaayiteegaa chestunna ee prayatnaaniki naa abhinandanalu.

Naa duradrushtam emitante mee sitelo okka vedio koodaa teruchukovatam ledu. you tube ki velli choodavalasi vachchindi.
meeru emanna vupaayamu cheppagalaraa please?

marosaari hridayapoorvaka abhinandanalu.


October 11, 2009 11:00 PM

Blogger Gayatri Vantillu said...

Gauri Garu,

Chaala thanks for your feedback. Mee computer lo Flash Player pedite bahusa naa videos pani chestayi. Naa home page lo Flash Player link undi. Akkadanunchi kooda meeru pettachu

October 12, 2009 4:22 AM

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gaayatri said...

Hi Gayatri garu
I recently found out about your website. I have tried one of your recipes. It turned out really good. I am impressed that you want to do dharma and daan. I live in USA and I see people from our own community lead a comfortable life but do not want to do dharma or daan.People keep accumulatting wealth and do not want to share with their community.
God bless you and your family. Keep up your good work. Like to link up with you if I visit India next year.
Regards and best wishes

September 12, 2010 8:19 AM

kare shankar naidu said...

Your Biksham devi mata annapoornishwari made tears roll down my cheeks continuously. I will definitely make it a point to contribute to the welfare of those kids and the seniors in whatever way I can. You have done a noble service by bringing our attention towards this great (although) small in size institution. May god bless the people behind this and may god bless you abundantly. May your (the people like you) tribe increase...........

July 22, 2010 3:34 AM

Anonymous said...

Hello gayathri garu,

I ve been a huge fan of your website for long
my respect for you has only increased more
after I saw your jattu video.
Hope people will realize the importance of
basics and stop complaining for silly things.

My home town is vizag and I'll be visiting India
in June I shall definetly visit this place.

Thank you

March 11, 2010 9:13 PM

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