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Emergency Recipes

Recipes in Emergencies

It reminds me of those days in Bhubaneswar, when Super Cyclone washed away vilages in the costal districts of Odisha. Bhubaneswar was located about 40 Kms from the sea coast and yet our experience was horror ridden. We wondered whether we would survive that natures fury. After the cyclone passed off we wondered as to how we were spared. The scenes from the coastal villages were heart breaking.

When calamities strike and pass away, people start to re-build their lives. Its during this period when the menfolk try to reach out to help in the neighborhood, the lady at home needs to take care of her family and also others who are hungry.

Its during these times when rations simple go off the shelves in the shops. One needs to feed the family with what rations exist at home.

I fed my family for 7 days in this emergency with the available grocery at home. Here I would like to list a few of these recipes.


Kandi Pachhadi

Pesara Pachhadi


Kandi Podi

Kobbari Podi


Menti Majjiga

Majjiga Pulusu

During emergencies, Electricity (Power) is the first thing that goes off and its restoration takes a few days. The milk products in the fridge - like milk, curd and buttermilk start getting spoilt. Therefore I prepared preparations like Menti Majjiga, Majjiga Pulusu in the initial days. As grinder / mixie would not run without power, I  finely chopped the ingredients or crushed them, using a mortar and  pestle. After exhausting milk products I attempted recipes with potatoes and tomatoes left at home. Thus Charu, Pappu, Pappukattu, Pulihora, Pepper rice were lined-up for the next few days. With a silbatta (stone grinder) I prepared Kandi Pachhadi and Pesara Pachhadi thereafter. As soon as power was restored, I prepared Nuvvupodi, Kandi Podi and Kobbari Podi. After one week, milk and vegetables started coming to the market. Pickles like Avakaya, Magaya, Nimmakaya were also handy

Necessity is the mother of invention and being cool you may start getting better ideas. Wish you all the best

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