Ragi & Oats Cookies

రాగులు & ఓట్స్ కుకీస్

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  • Oats – 75gms
  • Ragi Flour (Foxtail Millet Flour) – 25gms
  • Sugar Powder – 20gms
  • Grated Jaggery – 25gms
  • Cashew Nuts – 6
  • Almonds – 6
  • Raisins – 1Tbsp
  • Baking Soda – 1/4tsp
  • Vanilla Essence – 1/4tsp
  • Unsalted Butter – 60gms


Take cashew nuts and chop them into small pieces and take them into a plate. Take almonds and chop them into pieces and take them into a plate. Take raisins and cut each raisin horizontally and take them into a plate.


Place a bowl on stove and add butter into it. Now switch on the flame and allow butter to melt. Into the butter bowl add grated jaggery and sugar powder and mix with a spoon. Cook the butter mixture till sugar powder and grated jiggery fully melts in the melted butter. Then switch off flame.

Take a mixing bowl and add oats into it. Then add ragi flour into the mixing bowl. Take baking soda in hand and break all lumps with fingers and then add that to the mixing bowl. Then add chopped raisins, chopped cashew nuts and chopped almonds and mix all well.

Take a baking tray and spread parchment paper in it and keep the tray nearby. Switch on the oven to pre heat at 130oC for 10 minutes.

To the butter mixture, add vanilla essence and mix well. Add this butter mixture to the dry ingredients mixture in mixing bowl and mix well. Mix wet and dry ingredients well to form a sticky lump.

Take about a spoon of the mixture into hand and shape into a ball. Place the dough ball on the parchment paper in the baking tray. Pat the ball with fingers to flatten it. When the mixture cools it would be difficult to shape into balls. So portion the dough mixture on to the parchment paper while the mixture is still warm. Then dip fingers in water and with wet fingers pat the dough balls to flatten them. As the dough becomes further sticky on cooling, use wet fingers and flatten the dough balls. Now carefully place the baking tray in pre heated oven and bake cookies at 130oC for 25 to 30 minutes. Keep an eye on the oven after 20 minutes and observe the cookies. When the cookies are golden brown in colour remove the baking tray from oven. With the heat trapped in them they get baked further even after removing from oven. Here it took 26 minutes for me to bake these cookies. At this stage touch the cookies and notice that they are soft. Cool the cookies in the baking tray itself for 5 minutes. Then observe that they hold shape and come out easily from the parchment paper. Place the cookies on wire rack and cool completely.

Take a clean and dry jar and place the cooled cookies in it and cover with tight lid. Cookies when stored in airtight jars remain crisp without absorbing moisture from atmosphere.

These cookies are very tasty and are healthy too. While on travel, make these cookies and carry them and observe that they come so handy when one is really hungry. These cookies are tasty and also filling for those who are hungry. Do make these cookies at home and enjoy them with your family members.

Points To Notice:

  • Here as I am using a bigger oven with a fan I have set the temperature at 130oC and baked the cookies for 30 minutes---however if a smaller capacity oven is used, I would have set the temperature at 150oC and baked for 20 to 30 minutes or till done. Depending upon the capacity of the oven, temperature settings change—so bake according to the usual setting temperatures one is accustomed with one’s oven. Also take the baking time as a guide line only---check at intervals and remove the cookie tray from oven once the cookies get a light golden color on them. Remember that they get baked even after removing from the oven with the heat trapped inside.
  • For easy handling see that butter is at room temperature. Here I have used homemade butter. Please check the recipe of homemade butter from my website www.gayatrivantillu.com
  • Adding baking soda makes the cookies flaky and tasty.
  • Melt butter, sugar powder and grated jaggery together so that they gets dissolved easily in melted butter. I have tried by adding sugar powder and jaggery to melted butter and mixing the mixture…but jaggery would not get dissolved easily. When melted together, jaggery also gets heated and it becomes easy to dissolve it in melted butter. If one tries to melt jaggery separately, then be careful as it burns quickly. So it is the easiest way to melt and mix sugar and jaggery in butter when all the three are melted together.
  • One can make these cookies only with sugar or only with jaggery also…here I have used both sugar and jaggery. It is because of the jaggery the mixture would be too sticky. But taste of these cookies is amazing so one needs to take the pain of stickiness.
  • Chopped nuts added to the mixture when gets baked gives a crunchy taste while eating the cookies.
  • Do not forget to chop raisins while adding to the mixture…whole raisins may get burnt if the cookies gets baked for even a minute more…with practical experience I advise to use chopped raisins only in this recipe.
  • Do not try to remove the cookies from the baking tray as soon as the tray is taken out of the oven---the cookies appear soft to touch and they gets crumbled when tried to remove them from the tray immediately. So ideally give 5 minutes time before removing the cookies from the baking tray.
  • After removing the cookies from the baking tray, spread them in a single layer or in a one among the other in a slant position so that air passes from all sides and cookies get cooled and dried fast---otherwise due to the moisture trapped they may become soft.
  • Remember to store cookies in airtight jars, to retain their crunchy texture.

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