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There are a number of recipes and tastes. It's impossible for any one person to know all recipes and I’m no exception. Thus I need the help from other culinary experts to share their knowledge to enrich this website and help my viewers with the recipes to rely upon.

With my ever-increasing  "TO DO" list, it is taking inordinately long time to fulfill my viewers requests. In such instances, soliciting and sourcing the expertise of other friends and well-wishers is an ideal solution. Example Bobbatlu, Paalatalikalu, Boorelu, Poornam Boorelu, Ariselu etc. are a few pending for long.

I have turned 45 this year and feel that I have reached the zenith in terms of popularity and personal satisfaction through Gayatrivantillu. Compared to the past pace at which I used to host recipes, the present pace is reduced. It's likely to reduce further as time progresses with additional responsibilities (likely to rise in the family). I feel that the time to retire is gradually approaching and I desire to fade away gracefully into oblivion. Its heartening to see younger generation gradually filling the space. I find many Young and Enthusiastic freshers with my ideals. They deserve to be encouraged to launch their new Blogs / Websites etc. To publicize their work, they need a re-directional link to drive traffic to their Websites / Blogs. I would be too happy to provide it by showcasing a sample of their work in my website, without seeking a reciprocal link.

In Mahabharata, after the great war when Kunti decides to go to Vaanaprastha (Forests) along with Dhrutarashtra and Gaandhari, Dharmaraja pleads with her to stay-back. Then Kunti tells "Past (Older Generation) needs to vacate in order to give place to the Present (New Generation)". What a beautiful statement, suggesting for a graceful retirement, isn't?

To address the above felt needs, I have created  this culinary section  of "WISH LIST". These are the recipes, demanded by my viewers on which I haven't yet worked. I would continue to add to this list as demands pour in. Other culinary experts  in the knowledge of these recipes are requested to share them here. They may prepare these recipes once again at home and take a photo of the finished product and submit it. Click here to submit your recipe text & Send the finished product Photo by email to gayatri@gayatrivantillu.com.

I thank you in advance to make this website richer with recipes which have been tried out at your home, perfected and shared with gayatrivantillu viewers with its final photograph as a proof. If you have a video too share it here.

Following is the list of recipes awaiting your attention. If you have a recipe not listed here, then also you are welcome to submit it.

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Recipe NameCategoryContributed ByContact emailStatus
Recipe NameCategoryContributed ByContact emailStatus
Poornam Boorelu Sweets Poornam Boorelu varu012@gmail.com  Ms AP Saritha 
Kaju Katli Sweets Ms Swapna Sunil swasu2109@yahoo.co.in  
Bobbatlu Sweets Smt Pavitra Kuravi kslpavitra@gmail.com  
Pappu Chekkalu Savory Ms V Geeta geet6987@gmail.com  
Vada Masala Curry Curries Ms Praveena  praveeena.583@gmail.com  
Sweet & Sour Pudina Chutney Chutneys Ms SwapnaSunil swasu2109@yahoo.co.in  
Pudina Rice Chutneys V Geeta garu geet6987@gmail.com  
Raagi Mudda Cereals Ms P Chidambari chd037@gmail.com  
Healthy Ceral Breakfast Ms Gayatri Borker Garu gayatri.borker@gmail.com  
Pudina Pachhadi    Recipe Invited 
Gobi Rice    Recipe Invited 
Bandaru Ladoo    Recipe Invited 
Paalatalikalu    Recipe Invited 
Taruvani    Recipe Invited 
Ulava Chaaru    Recipe Invited 
Ariselu    Recipe Invited 
Raagi Ganji    Recipe Invited 
Boorelu    Recipe Invited 
Nuvvulu Vadiyalu    Recipe Invited 
Ppprnam Boorelu    Recipe Invited 
Manugu Poolu    Recipe Invited 
Raagi Sankati    Recipe Invited 
Jelebi    Recipe Invited 
Peanut Chutney    Recipe Invited 
Jantikalu    Recipe Invited 
White Pumpkin Halwa    Recipe Invited 
Showing 26 items