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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


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    Click here to know more about how to extract pulp from palm fruit watch another movie clip.

    The taste of a dish varies when using scraped coconut, grated coconut, coconut pieces or coconut paste. Here we are using scraped coconut in this recipe. Scrape coconut using a coconut scraper starting from the edges. The scraped coconut appears as coconut flakes. By turning the coconut kernel scrape coconut. Scraped coconut gives a different taste while eating.


    To steam cook the tati pandu kudumu, use a steamer or a pressure cooker without weight. Heat the pressure cooker pan. Add water to the pan and cover with lid. Allow steam to form inside the pan. to make the kudumu use dhokla plates or any flat plate. Take a dhokla plate and smear ghee inside the plate. For the measurements taken in this recipe, I required a dhokla plate and a small plate. Smear ghee in the small plate also.

    Add water to rice ravva and wash well. Take a mixing bowl and add rice ravva, palm fruit pulp, grated jaggery& scraped coconut. Mix all well till the jaggery dissolves in the mixture. Spread the prepared mixture into the greased plates and level it by tapping the plates. Arrange the prepared paltes into the dhokla stand as shown. When the water is boiling in the pressure cooker pan, place the dhokla stand and cover with the lid. Remember not to place the weight as we steam cook the kudumu. Heat pressure cooker on high flame till steam fully develops---when steam is full it will escape through the nozzle of the pressure cooker lid. Then lower the flame and steam cook for thirty minutes or till done.

    To test the kudumu, touch the kudumu with wet fingers. If the batter sticks to the fingers—it indicates that the kudumu is not yet done—then steam for few more minutes. If the batter doesn’t stick to the wet fingers—it indicates that the kudumu is done. Another method to test the kudumu is to insert a toothpick and check. If batter sticks to the toothpick, steam for few more minutes. If batter doesn’t stick to the toothpick, it indicates that the kudumu is ready. Switch off the flame and remove the plates from the stand to cool for a while. To de mould the kudumu, run knife through the edges of the plate and cover with another plate. Invert the kudumu plate to de mould. Cut into desired shapes and enjoy.

    Points To Remember:

    Here I have used rice ravva which is store bought. The texture of rice ravva made at home will be fine and even. To make rice ravva at home watch another movie clip on my web site. Using homemade rice ravva gives a better textured kudumu than store bought rice ravva.

    Using scraped coconut in this recipe gives an extra taste to the kudumu rather than using grated coconut or coconut paste or coconut pieces.

    While scraping coconut, start from the edges—this will ensure the coconut will be scraped well without breaking into big chunks.

    While inserting the dhokla stand into the pressure cooker pan do it carefully as steam burns are more dangerous. Open the pressure cooker pan and wait for a minute for the steam to escape. Then wear mittens or take sufficient care while inserting the stand. 

    Instead of steam cooking the kudumu one may even try by cooking the kudumu also. To steam cook the kudumu we have not used the weight on the pressure cooker lid. To cook the kudumu place the weight on the pressure cooker lid and cook. After first whistle cook on low flame for 15minutes. Steam cooked kudumu would be grainy whereas the cooked kudumu would be dense. The difference you can obsrve in the movie clip. 

    Tati pandu gujju (Palm Fruit Pulp) has a unique flavor. The scraped coconut with jaggery gives this dish a special taste.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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