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This is a Text Recipe, not a Video.  Due to commitments on home front and paucity of time it is becoming difficult to make videos of all known recipes.  If I have to make a video only before I’m to share these recipes, it is likely to take considerable time. Meanwhile there is also an urge to share these recipes for the benefit of my viewers. These recipes are prepared, perfected and tasted at home. Hence they too carry the same commitment and conviction as in videos, while I share them with you. As and when these text recipes are converted into videos, the above photograph would be replaced with its video. Enjoy!!!

Recipe Text


    • Skimmed Milk Powder – 150gms (1Cup)
    • Sugar – 1 1/2Tbsps
    • Orange Juice – 160gms (3/4Cup) {Juice of 2 oranges}
    • Orange Zest – 1Tsp (Zest of 2 oranges)
    • Almonds – 6
    • Powdered Sugar – To Taste (1 1/2tsps)

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    Take 2 almonds in a microwave safe bowl and add water till they are immersed. Place this bowl in microwave oven and cook on high power for 30 seconds. Remove bowl from oven and remove the skins of almonds. Slice these blanched almonds into thin slices and keep them aside.

    Take the remaining 4 almonds and chop them into pieces. Dry roast the almond pieces in a pan till slightly crisp and keep them aside.

    Wash and wipe the oranges. Take the zest of oranges and then extract the juice.

    Heat a pan and add the skimmed milk powder. Stirring continuously, dry roast the milk powder on low flame for 2 minutes. Spread this roasted milk powder into a paper plate to cool.

    Grease a plate or pan with ghee and keep it near.


    Heat a pan on medium flame and add sugar. Till sugar starts melting do not disturb by stirring. When sugar starts melting, stir and allow it to caramelize. When sugar is caramelized, lower the flame and add three fourths of the orange juice taken---take care as it may sizzle.

    Cook the mixture till sugar fully dissolves in the orange juice. Then take the milk powder and add little by little to the orange juice mixture while mixing continuously. Then add the remaining orange juice, powdered sugar and mix well. When the mixture starts leaving the pan, switch off the stove and add orange zest and roasted chopped almonds and mix well. Transfer the fudge to the greased pan or plate and spread and smoothen it. Sprinkle the sliced blanched almonds and press lightly. Cool the mixture completely at room temperature. Cut into desired shapes and store. Serve and enjoy the tangy flavored orange fudge whatever may be the occasion.

    Points To Remember:

    While removing the zest of orange, remember to grate only the orange or yellow portion of the skin---the white portion tastes bitter---so do not grate till the white portion appears.

    Dry roast the skimmed milk powder till it appears as if it would start to burn at the bottom of the pan.  Then immediately transfer the roasted milk powder into a paper plate and spread to cool.

    Artificial sweetener may be added instead of powdered sugar, for calorie conscious people.

    Orange zest provides a natural orange flavor and orange juice provides the natural tanginess to the tasty orange fudge.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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