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Gayatri Vantillu | గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు | YouTube India Top Chef 2014

Recipe Text

Ice Gola is a summer treat enjoyed by all age groups. However, in streets ice golas are made with synthetic food colors which are harmful to health. But one can make healthy and tasty ice golas using natural fruits which have their own natural colors and their own peculiar sweet taste. So let us learn to make fruit golas with natural fruits.

Here I have used a ice snow maker to make these fruit golas. We get three ice containers and a glass and six sticks with the ice snow maker.

First let us learn to make fruit ices using natural fruits.

To make pink color ice I have used a watermelon which has its own sweetness and a bright pink color which is very good for health especially in summer season. Wash the watermelon and cut into wedges. Carefully remove the seeds of watermelon. Take a watermelon wedge and cut into small pieces without removing the red portion from the wedge. Once slits are made, run the knife between the red and white portions of the wedge and pieces get separated easily without mess. Similarly cut the remaining watermelon into cubes.  Take the watermelon pieces into a bowl. Do not throw away the white portion of the fruit. Peel the green skin and cut the white portion of the fruit into pieces and use them to make dal and curry. Take a blender and add watermelon pieces and blend till smooth. As the fiber of the fruit is also good for health do not strain and remove the pulp---instead blend very well till smooth. Take an ice container of the ice snow maker and pour the watermelon juice into it. Place the container in freezer and cover with a lid and freeze till it solidifies.

To make yellow color gola we need to make yellow color ice. To make yellow color ice I have used mangoes. Wash mangoes well and cut and separate peels and seeds. Take a spoon and scrape the pulp from the peels and from the seeds and take the pulp into a bowl. Take a blender jar and add the mango pulp into it. Add sugar powder to balance the taste of mangoes if they are not that sweet. As we need mango juice and the pulp is quite thick add sufficient water to make juice. Blend the ingredients till smooth and juicy. Take an ice container and pour the mango juice into it. Place the juice container in freezer and cover with a lid. Freeze the mango juice till it solidifies.

To make green color (Olive Green Color) gola we need green color ice. To make green color ice I have used sugarcane juice. As we cannot make the sugarcane juice at home, go to the vendor and request to make juice specially made for you without adding ice water. Bring sugarcane juice which is not diluted with water that means fresh juice. Place a nylon mesh into a jug and pour the sugarcane juice into it. If there are any impurities in the juice they remain in the nylon mesh and we get fresh sugarcane juice. Take an ice container and pour the strained sugarcane juice into it. Add a tiny bit of salt to the sugarcane juice and mix well---salt enhances the flavor of the fresh (potent) juice. Place the container in freezer and cover with a lid and freeze till it solidifies.

When the colored ices or fruit ices are ready we can make fruit snow and then make fruit golas with the prepared snows.

Take the ice snow maker and open the lid. There will be a cavity with a blade fixed in it. The prepared ice needs to be put in the cavity and then the lid is pressed and locked to fix the ice inside. When the lever is rotated above, ice is shaved and falls into the bowl beneath.

Take the pink ice container from freezer and hold it in hot water bowl for few seconds so that the edges get loosened and the ice block separates from the container. Place the pink ice block in the cavity in the ice snowmaker and close the lid and lock it. Place a bowl just beneath the blade and rotate the lever above and pink snow comes out and falls into the bowl beneath. Rotate and shave ice till the bowl is sufficiently filled and then remove the pink snow and place a spoon and serve immediately. This fruit ice just melts in your mouth and fills it with a sweet and flavorful taste. To make gola, take a glass and fill it with the prepared snow and press it tightly with a spoon. Insert a stick in the center of the pressed fruit snow in the glass. As the shaved ice is very fine in texture it is ready to melt. So it is advisable to freeze the glass filled with snow for few minutes so that it comes out easily holding to the stick. Hold the stick and pull and we get the fruit gola which has a natural sweetness with a natural color.

Shave the yellow ice and collect yellow snow into a bowl and place a spoon and serve immediately or make yellow color gola as mentioned above and serve.

Similarly shave the green ice and collect green snow into a bowl and place a spoon and serve immediately or make green color gola as mentioned above and serve.

With these fruit snows one can even make a fruit slush. Take a tall glass and fill a third of the glass with pink snow and then fill another third of the glass with yellow snow and remaining third of the glass with green snow. Insert a straw and a tall spoon and serve immediately. Once can enjoy this slush in two ways----eat the crushed ice with a spoon or suck and drink the juice which melts at the bottom of the glass from the straw.

One need not forego street foods which are made in an unhealthy way---instead they can hygienically be made and enjoyed at home.

Points To Observe:

Ice Golas are a street food treats which are enjoyed in summer season to beat the heat of sun. We hear that the ice used to make these golas is not edible one rather it is made for the industrial purpose. But street vendors are not that educated to bother about the health hazards created by that ice. Also they use synthetic colors and lots of sugar syrup to sweeten the golas. It is heard that the synthetic food colors used are cancerous and thus are to be avoided. When nature gives us natural sweetness and eye catching colors through the fruits why not we utilize them and be healthy. Introduce healthy options which can be made easily at home and is such a fun when all family members sit and enjoy such treats.

Cut watermelon into cubes and pack in small containers and store in refrigerator. Whenever we feel like eating anything, instead of reaching for chips or chocolates grab a container and eat few pieces which is healthy.

Whenever I bring watermelon I first wash it and then peel it. Then I cut the watermelon into wedges and I remove the seeds. Then I cut it into pieces and pack those pieces into small lunch boxes. Then I store these fruit boxes in refrigerator and eat and serve to my family members. Also I do not discard the white portion of the fruit. I cut the white portion of the fruit and use it to make dal or curry or use it to make vegetable stock.

Do not strain the watermelon juice as it contains fiber which is also good for health. The fiber in the juice does not come in any way while making the fruit snow or fruit gola.

While making mango juice, add sufficient water and see that the juice is slightly runny but not thick. If the juice is thick then we can make yellow snow but it would be difficult to make yellow gola--- if the juice is thick it would not set and thus it would not hold the stick and thus it crumbles when pulled from the glass.

Here I have used an ice snow maker which is easily available in markets. One can even crush ice in a mixer grinder---but be careful with the blades and it makes lot of noise. The shaved ice from the ice snow maker is too fine in texture and not chunky---so it just melts in mouth.Ask and get fresh juice from sugarcane juice vendor. You may need to pay more for the fresh juice which is not diluted with ice water. As sugarcane juice is full of liquid, when frozen the color also fades. If diluted juice is used then we would not be able to see the color. However to enjoy the taste and not bother about color some water may be added to the juice as the fresh juice is potent and tastes heavy on stomach. Strain the juice and add little salt to enhance its taste. Also one can add some lemon juice to balance the strength of the sweetness and bring out good taste.

Slush is a teenagers or newlyweds treat. As the ice in the glass takes time to melt it is perfect for teenagers or newlyweds who have many things to talk while enjoying a treat. Also it is a valentine’s treat.

Fruit gola or fruit snow is a family summer treat to be enjoyed making and serving and eating it.

 Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!