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Recipe Text


    To make coconut ice cream I have used an ice cream maker. Ice cream maker has a lid to which machine is attached. It has a paddle attachment which rotates while running. The lid with machine is fixed on a double layered bowl. 

    Place the ice cream maker bowl in a big plastic bag and cover completely. To avoid ice formation inside the bowl when kept in freezer, we need to cover it fully with plastic bag. Place this bag in freezer for 24 hours to freeze the inner liquid of the double layered bowl. If there is sufficient place in freezer, place this ice cream maker bowl covered in plastic bag in freezer so that the freezing time is saved and one can make ice cream as and when required.


    • Thick Coconut Milk – 1Cup (230gms)
    • Thick Cream – 1 1/4Cups (310gms)
    • Milk Powder – 1Cup (150gms
    • Powdered Sugar – 1/2Cup (100gms)
    • Grated Fresh Coconut (Preferably Tender Coconut) – 1/2Cup (50gms)

    (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)

    Other Preparations:

    Grate coconut and add water and grind well using a mixer grinder. Strain the ground mixture into a thin cloth and press to extract coconut milk. Watch another movie on my website to know how to extract coconut milk. Use the thick coconut milk. For approximate measurements, use 1 1/2cups of grated coconut and add 1 1/4cups of water and blend to get around one cup of coconut milk.

    Grate fresh coconut (preferably by using a coconut grater) and chill in refrigerator. To know more about coconut breaking and grating watch another movie on my website For better taste, use tender green coconut flesh for this ice cream.

    After taking thick coconut milk transfer it into a deep bowl and place the bowl in freezer for around 40 minutes. After 40 minutes bring out the coconut milk bowl from freezer and carefully separate the thick coconut milk or coconut cream and the watery portion below. Measure the thick coconut milk as per the measurement given in the ingredients list and chill in refrigerator till use.


    Take a deep bowl and add the milk powder and thick coconut milk and mix with a whisk till smooth. Transfer the milk mixture into a blender and add powdered sugar and blend till mixture is smooth. Now add the thick cream and whip till mixed well. Take a wide bottomed steel box and transfer this ice cream mixture into it. Cover the steel box with a tight lid. Place the steel box in freezer to chill the ice cream mixture. Using chilled ice cream mixture in ice cream machine sets the ice cream fast. Take a measuring jug which is having a pointed mouth. Remove the steel box from freezer and beat the ice cream mixture till smooth using a whisk. Transfer the ice cream mixture to the measuring jar. The pointed mouth of the measuring jar helps in easy pouring while transferring the mixture to ice cream machine.

    Bring out the packet from freezer and remove the ice cream maker bowl from it. Fix the lid and switch on the machine. When the paddle is rotating, add the chilled ice cream mixture slowly into the bowl through the opening. Ice cream sets fast as the bowl came from freezer and also the ice cream mixture is chilled. The rotating paddle breaks the ice crystals formed thus making the ice cream super soft.

    Generally when chilled mixture is used ice cream sets fast say in 10 to 15 minutes. When the ice cream is thickly set add the chilled grated coconut, little by little, through the opening of the ice cream machine. When ice cream is fully set, switch off the machine. At this stage the ice cream would be super soft and just melts in your mouth. To further thicken the ice cream, to take thick scoops of ice cream, transfer the mixture from ice cream machine into plastic boxes and freeze. Carefully remove the paddle. Take a plastic box and transfer the prepared ice cream into the box using a ladle. Fill the box sufficiently with ice cream and cover it with a tight lid. Place the box in freezer and see that the box touches the bottom of the freezer to set fast. Transfer remaining ice cream also into boxes and freeze for 4 hours. After 4 hours remove the box from freezer and keep it at room temperature to soften a bit. Take a scoop and scoop out ice cream and place in ice cream cup. Fill the cup sufficiently with ice cream and serve immediately. Enjoy the mild flavor of coconut with the crunch of grated coconut in this ice cream.

    Points To Remember:

    Often we see the milk powder when not mixed well with coconut milk forms lumps. So it is advisable to first mix milk powder and coconut milk with a whisk to remove all lumps. Then transfer this mixture to a blender and add powdered sugar and blend well to get a smooth texture.

    One can even blend all the ingredients together in a blender too but the cream turns into butter when blended for a long time (till smooth texture is obtained). So it is better to add cream lastly and just whip to mix so that we have control on the situation and avoid cream turning into butter. Once the cream in the ice cream mixture turns into butter the texture and taste of the ice cream gets spoiled.

    Freezing the ice cream bowl for 24 hours is necessary. If there is sufficient place in freezer, place this ice cream maker bowl covered in plastic bag in freezer so that the freezing time is saved and one can make ice cream as and when required.

    Use chilled ingredients if possible. For better results, chill the blended ice cream mixture in freezer till thoroughly chilled.

    Grated coconut added to the ice cream gives a nice crunch. However, use fresh and tender coconut to get soft coconut flavor instead of mature coconut which gives a fibrous touch. The coconut malai of tender green coconut tastes better in this ice cream.

    Use skim milk powder but not the dairy whitener while using the milk powder. Adding skim milk powder gives body to the ice cream however if it is not available, add dairy whitener which gives soft textured ice cream.

    Adding powdered sugar mixes well without overbeating the cream which may turn into butter!!! Add powdered sugar according to taste. After blending the mixture taste it and adjust the sugar.

    Remember to add the ice cream mixture when the paddle is rotating. Do not first pour the mixture and then fix the lid and start the machine---as the bowl is frozen it sets fast and becomes difficult for the paddle to rotate---so first start the machine and then only pour the ice cream mixture in it.

    While removing ice cream from the ice cream maker bowl, do not use abrasive ladles---use soft rubber spatulas or plastic ladles.

    While making ice cream I have not set the refrigerator to the coolest temperature. I have set the fridge at normal level where we use it for daily needs. As I have used the ice cream maker it freezes and almost sets the ice cream---so it was not required to have fridge at the coolest temperature. So it took 4 hours to firmly set the ice cream after placing the plastic box in freezer. If the fridge is set at the coolest point, it may take further less time to set. Using aluminum containers or foil packs to chill or set the mixture, it freezes fast (within an hour).

    When ice cream is frozen it would be difficult to serve isn’t it? To ease this problem here is a tip. Place the ice cream box in microwave oven and heat on high power for 20 to 25 seconds to defrost depending on how hard the ice cream is. Observe that the ice cream softens in seconds to scoop out comfortably---but remember not to heat for long period otherwise it would melt.

    Serve this tasty coconut ice cream garnished with coconut flakes or as it is!!!!

     Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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