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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Explanation in English

When we bring a new washing machine for home we feel cleaning it from dust on outside is just sufficient---yes it is sufficient for the looks part of it---where as for its efficiency, we need it clean it inside thoroughly. Sometimes children too have a fascination to put their toys inside thi washing machine or play around it. It's good to keep this gadget clean and germ free for the family's hygiene.

To make this video I have chosen a Senior citizen's gadget in the family and in the process cleaned it too.

After a load of washing clothes always remember to wipe the gasket with a soft cloth to keep it dry---as some water gets collected in the gasket and if it is not cleaned it would accumulate dirt and smells bad. Also keep the door and the soap dispenser of the washing machine fully opened so that they dry fast. A dry machine inside does not smell bad—due to the moisture if we keep it closed it smells bad. After wash always keep the gasket dry and clean---wiping the gasket daily helps in avoiding cleaning it thoroughly by scrubbing as shown in the movie. Daily wiping the area around the drum or between drum and gasket helps in stopping the accumulation of dirt and it increases the longevity of efficient working of machine.

Usually coins or pins or paper which we forget to take out from the pockets get collected near the gasket---take them out as soon as noticed---and try to check for such things in pockets before a load. If things are not collected near the gasket they are found in the drain outlet below the washing machine. Periodically open the drain outlet knob and check for things and remove them.

If one has hard water problem, take extra care to clean the washing machine. Wipe the gasket and drum after every load and keep it dry and clean. Also clean the soap dispenser thoroughly. If lime scales are deposited very badly wash with vinegar to clear the lime scales. Periodically check for lime scale deposits and give a thorough cleaning. To clean the lime scale deposits watch out for areas around drum, gasket, soap dispenser and drain outlet---using a toothbrush thoroughly wash them. If applying vinegar to clean lime scales on gasket do remember to clean with fresh water as vinegar is acidic and it spoils the rubber gasket.

Once in a month regularly clean the drum using baking soda and vinegar by running the machine under quick wash cycle. For hard water areas do this cleaning every fortnight or every week depending upon the requirement. Mixture of baking soda and vinegar cleans the dirt and lime scales and keeps the drum clean.

So remember following points daily for easy and efficient maintenance of washing machine:
Always wash colored clothes and whites separately. While washing whites add a tablespoon or two of vinegar in fabric softener slot of soap dispenser and add a tea spoon of baking soda in the drum along with clothes and run the machine. Whites come out clean and super white. Vinegar and baking soda combination makes them super white and at the same time drum also gets cleaned. This way we clean the drum almost every alternate day when we wash whites in the machine.

Wipe gasket with a soft cloth and keep it dry.

Open the soap dispenser and washing machine door keep it dry inside.

Periodically give a quick cycle wash using baking soda & vinegar.

Once in a month remove objects (if Any) & clean the drain outlet.

For some machines there is a filter near the inlet pipe---clean it well.

Follow these simple methods and washing machines run efficiently.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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