Indian Traditional Bathing Powder with Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs - Sunni Pindi - స్నానానికి సున్ని పిండి

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Recipe Text


    • Green Gram Flour as base

    Aromatic Powders:

    • Kachhuralu
    • Tungakayalu
    • Bavanchalu
    • Vattivellu
    • Freshly Ground Turmeric Powder

    Here are the English and Hindi names for the herbs mentioned above:

    Telugu                                    English                              Hindi

    Kachhoralu                      Round Zedoary                        Shati

    Tungakauyalu               Cyparis Rotundus                      Motha

    Bavanchalu                      Babchi Seeds                        Babachi

    Vattivellu                             Khus Grass                           Khus

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    Aromatic Powders Mixture:

    The aromatic herbs mentioned in the ingredients list would be available in ayurvedic shops. While buying the herbs ask for fresh ones as they would have good fragrance. To powder these herbs at home use a mortar and pestle instead of mixer grinder. As the substances are hard, grinding in a mixer grinder may damage the blades of mixie jar. But usually these herbs would be available in powder forms too. These powders also would be available in the same ayurvedic shops. Usually these powders are available in 50gms and 100gms packets. Do not try to mix the entire lot at once as there is a chance of losing the fragrance. So let us mix a small portion and seal the remaining powders. For mixing, take:

    Vattivella Podi – 25gms

    Kachhorala Podi – 25gms

    Bavanchala Podi – 25gms

    Tungakayala Podi – 25gms

    Freshly ground Turmeric Powder – 25gms

    After taking required amount of powders from the packets, seal the packets using a candle or a packet sealing machine. Sealing the packets retains the fragrance and hence they remain fresh. Pack all the opened packets and seal and store in a dry place.

    Take a dry bowl and add all the measured powders and mix well. While mixing the powders see that there are no lumps. Easy way to mix all these powders is to sift them once or twice. Now the aromatic powders mixture is ready. To retain the freshness of this mixture, transfer this mixture in to a dry glass jar and cover tightly. Store this jar in a dry place and use the required quantity as and when required.

    Sunni Pindi---Herbal Bath Powder Mix:

    Make soft powder with the green gram in a flour mill.

    Green Gram Powder – 125gms

    Aromatic Powders Mixture – 12.5gms Or 6 Level Tea Spoons

    The quantity of aromatic powders mixture should be 10% of the quantity of green gram flour—follow this ratio to make the mix.

    Take a dry bowl and add green gram flour and aromatic powders mixture and mix well. See that there are no lumps in the powder mixture. Easy way to mix all these powders is to sift them once or twice. Now sunni pindi or herbal bath powder is ready for use. Use this sunni pindi and cleanse your body thoroughly or use this powder instead of soap to bathe infants.

    Nalugu Pettatam---Cleansing body using the bath powder:

    Take sunni pindi and add water and mix. Add water slowly and mix to make a paste. While mixing, remember that the paste should be of spreadable consistency---accordingly add water and mix. Before applying the paste we need to coat the body with sesame oil. Dip fingers in sesame oil and apply to the body and massage for few minutes. Observe that oil is absorbed by the skin making it soft. Take a portion of the prepared paste and apply as a coat on the oil coated skin. Spread evenly and allow it to dry for few minutes. When the applied mixture is dried, rub the skin with slightly wet fingers to remove the paste. Dirt accumulated on the skin sticks to the wet paste. When the skin is rubbed to remove from the skin the dirt sticking to the paste comes out easily. As we have applied an oil coat before applying the paste, it would not be a painful thing to rub out the mixture from the skin. The process of rubbing and removing the paste from the skin is called Nalugu Pettatam In Telugu. Hence this herbal bath powder is also known as Nalugu Pindi. Though this entire process of cleansing the skin is time spending, the end result would be satisfactory. While rubbing the mixture it works as a massage. After removing the paste by this rubbing method, wash the skin with water. Feel the touch of the skin and observe that it would be soft like a baby skin.

    This herbal bath powder would be useful to all age groups. However do not follow this rubbing method for infants as their skin would be tender. Use this powder instead of soap while bathing infants. Add some more water to the prepared mixture and make it into a soft paste from spreadable consistency. With this prepared mixture bathe infants to cleanse the body.

    Remember not to use this paste to wash hair while bathing infants as the turmeric powder in the mixture inhibits the growth of hair. If one wishes to use this powder to wash hair of infants then avoid turmeric powder in the mixture.

    If the above mentioned aromatic substances are not available then make sunni pindi using green gram flour and turmeric powder---even this powder works well to cleanse the body. Instead of green gram flour one can even use gram flour (Besan) and makes the bath powder---it also works well.

    If time permits having this herbal bath daily the way it is mentioned above, keeps the skin soft and fresh. But as it is a time consuming job, it is advisable to have such bath on weekends---it would be relaxing also.

    Points To Remember:

    Instead of green gram flour one can even use gram flour (Besan) and makes the bath powder.

    For children below the age of 3 months (infants) do not use the rubbing method as their skin would be very tender.

    For children who are school going and play well this herbal bath is a must to clear off the dirt. 

    Use fresh herbs and not the old stock. Similarly use the freshly ground turmeric powder.

    Regarding the aromatic herbs---for some, some of the above mentioned herbs would be allergic---then avoid those herbs.

    Remember not to use this paste to wash hair as the turmeric powder in the mixture inhibits the growth of hair. If one wishes to use this powder to wash hair then avoid turmeric powder in the mixture. Prolonged Nalugu pettadam with turmeric helps in removing hair from skin in a natural way!

    If the Ayurvedic ingredients are not available, then also you can use the Green gram flour or Bengal Gram flour with turmeric powder as a bath powder. Results are felt when used after an oil massage

    Have a weekly bath using oil massage followed with sunni pindi NALUGU and have a clean and soft natural skin!!!


    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!