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Recipe Text


    Water – 600ml

    Starch Powder (Arrow Root Powder) – 4Tbsps

    {With these measurements starch prepared would be sufficient for a Punjaji Suit (salwar+kuta+chunni) and one more kurta}

    (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)


    Take 100ml water and add starch powder into it and mix well to form a smooth mixture without lumps. Take remaining 500ml water into a bowl and heat it. Heat water till it starts boiling on high flame. Once water starts boiling, lower flame and add the corn flour mixture and keep stirring to mix well without lumps. Increase flame to high and cook stirring till mixture starts boiling. Switch off the flame and keep it aside to cool slightly. The cooked product would be as shown below

    Take one liter (1000ml) water in a bowl and add the prepared starch and mix well---see that the mixture does not have any lumps. When the mixture is well mixed it is ready to starch clothes.

    Take washed and dried clothes to starch them. Take a cloth and separate it fully (Separate folds---VIPPADEEYANDI). Dip the cloth in the starch and make sure that the starch is stuck to the entire garment. Then squeeze and remove excess starch and keep it aside. Repeat the process with the other clothes. Take the clothes to a washing machine and add to the drum and close it. Run the SPIN cycle in washing machine. Once done, remove the starched clothes and line them on clothes line in single layer to the extent possible. Dry the clothes naturally and then press with hot iron and use.

    Points To Observe:

    Always apply starch on dried clothes and not on wet clothes for better results.

    Mix corn flour well in water before adding to the boiling water or else the entire mixture may turn lumpy.

    Remember to keep stirring continuously when adding corn flour mixture to boiling water or else the mixture becomes lumpy.

    Usually for each cloth use 1Tbsp Starch powder. We get arrow root powder and corn flour in market and both can be used to make starch.

    Here I have used washing machine to SQUEEZE the starched clothes. In Mumbai we do not have open space to dry clothes as we stay in flats. In flats if we dry the starched clothes which are squeezed by hands there are chances of some starch dripping on the ground. To avoid this dripping of starch on the ground while drying I have used washing machine to squeeze and remove the excess starch. Basically squeeze out the extra starch from the clothes with hands first and then spin in washing machine so that the quantity of extra starch would be less thus not spoiling the washing machine. Also I spin the starched clothes in washing machine before I run a load of clothes in washing machine---this way the extra starch gets washed away during the next wash cycle. When starched clothes are squeezed in washing machine through spin cycle the starch gets applied evenly on all clothes.

    If a starched chunni is to be dried on clothes line, open it fully and dry on the clothes line in single layer from top till ground---see that there are less number of folds so that it becomes easy for ironing. Similarly dry all other clothes also in such a manner that there are fewer folds. Saree also I dry in the same manner as I dry chunni but with a double fold. See the picture at the top to get an idea. Secure clothes with clothes pins and dry fully  before ironing. I prefer to starch my clothes a bit hard. Those desiring a softer touch may add more water while starching.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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