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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


    • Green Chilies – 250gms
    • Curd – 500gms
    • Carom Seeds – 10gms
    • Salt – 40 to 50gms or to taste

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    For making Ooramirapakayalu, select slightly thicker and long green chilies. Wash and dry the green chilies in shade. Take a tooth pick or a safety pin or a sharp knife and give a slit to each green chili. Take a clean and dry glass jar which can hold all the green chilies. Place all the green chilies in the glass jar. Let all the green chilies stand in the bottle. Crush the carom seeds in a mortar & pestle or in a mixer grinder. Take a mixie jar and add curd, salt and crushed carom seeds and run it without adding any water. Pour this seasoned buttermilk in the glass jar in which we have placed the green chilies. Press with fingers and ensure that all the green chilies are fully dipped in the buttermilk. Keep this bottle aside for 3 days, checking every day to see the chilies are fully dipped in the buttermilk. On the fourth day morning remove the chilies from the buttermilk. Take a plastic sheet and spread it at an open place in sun. Arrange the green chilies on the plastic sheet separately and let them dry in direct sun light. Evening dip the green chilies again in the same buttermilk which has been kept aside and let them soak in the buttermilk overnight. Next day morning, again separate the chilies from the buttermilk and dry them in sun for the entire day. In the evening, dip the chilies once again in the remaining buttermilk.

    If the buttermilk is sour it is sufficient if you soak the chilies for two days. If the buttermilk is not sour then continue the above process for a total of 5 days to one week. After that daily dry the green chilies in sun till they are totally dry and crisp. It may take 5 to 7 days depending on the hotness of sun and weather.

    Do not throw away the remaining buttermilk. Add green chilies and make another batch of Ooramirapakayalu. Or else we can make PULLATLU and MENTI MAJJIGA with this seasoned buttermilk.

    When the Ooramirapakayalu are totally dried and are crisp store them in a clean and dry bottle. Whenever required fry some Ooramirapakayalu and serve.


    Heat a pan and add oil to it. When oil is moderately hot add sufficient Ooramirapakayalu and fry them. Do not over fry them until they turn to dark brown in color—then they won’t taste good. Fry them in oil until they puff up and start changing color. Immediately remove them from oil—with the heat in them they become crisp and get the nice brown color. Serve them with bland curries like bottle gourd curry, ridge gourd curry or cabbage curry etc… They are even served with curd rice.

    Points to Notice:

    Select large and thick skinned green chilies which have less seeds inside them.

    Select green chilies which are straight and not curled ones so that it will be easy to slit them. Do not remove the stalks of the chilies. Slit them till the end.

    Carom seeds give a nice flavor to these Ooramirapakayalu.

    Do not add entire salt at once instead add little by little.

    OoraMirapakayalu---Oora means soaked and Mirapakayalu means green chilies. We are soaking the green chilies in buttermilk. Buttermilk turns sour when kept outside. The hotness in the green chilies gets balanced with the sour buttermilk and with the carom seeds flavor they get a unique taste.

    Do not throw away the remaining buttermilk. Prepare savory lassi, make PULLATLU or prepare MENTI MAJJIGA.

    Try preparing these OoraMirapakayalu in summer season—when the sun is bright and hot.

    Make required quantity of OoraMirapakayalu sufficient for the entire year. Dry them in hot sun until crisp. Then store them to enjoy the entire year as and when required.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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