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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text

Children are choosy with food and throw tantrums. Especially they do not prefer to eat healthy meals during lunch time and ask for chips or mixture or some type of junk food. Though all mothers know that junk food is not healthy, they succumb to the preferences of children. So it becomes a great task for every mother to pack healthy and tasty lunch box meals which their child would enjoy. Here I am sharing with all of you what I did for my child which would be of some help to you too.

After making a curry, retain some curry in the pan and transfer the remaining portion into a serving bowl. To the curry in the pan add sufficient hot rice and mix well. The spices sticking at the bottom of the pan gets mixed with the hot rice and a tasty rice preparation would be ready for lunch box. Transfer the prepared rice into a lunch box and place a spoon. When the rice mixture has cooled enough, close the lunch box with a lid.

When hot rice is added to the hot and nicely fried curry and mixed well, the vapor in the hot rice clears the spices stuck at the bottom of the pan and gets mixed well---thus making the rice tasty. This rice preparation when taken even after few hours, tastes good. Take a lunch box and spread an aluminum foil in it. Transfer the prepared rice into the foil and bring the edges of the foil together to pack. Place a spoon and cover the box with a lid. After having lunch, the foil may be discarded and observe that the lunch box remains clean. With different curries we get different tasty rice preparations. Also observe the pan in which rice is added and mixed, the spices sticking at the bottom of the pan gets mixed with rice and the pan is clear and thus easy to clean.

So no extra preparations for lunch box --- just make some extra curry and add rice and a tasty lunch box meal is ready and even children would enjoy.

When plain rice is mixed with curry in a plate --- the taste would be different from the rice prepared after mixing it in the pan directly. Also remember that the curry should be hot and also the rice should be hot, otherwise the preparation would not be tasty. Simple logic in this tasty preparation is….the vapor in the hot rice clears the spices stuck at the bottom of the pan and mixes well with the rice so each grain of rice would be spiced up well with the nicely fried spices of the curry---thus making it super tasty.

So, isn’t it easy to make lunch box meals with making some extra curry in the morning?

Make tasty rice preparations innovating even with some dry chutney. Here, for example, I have used Gongura Variation from the Gongura Pachhadi recipe (Please refer to the A-Z list and see the recipe for Gongura Pachhadi from my website Mix hot rice with the gongura variation and tasty gongura rice is ready as lunch box meal.

Here in the movie I have shown rice preparations using potols alu curry, vankaya bangaladumpa koora, beans curry and gongura variation. For all these recipes refer my website One can make many such rice preparations using some dry curries and dry chutneys.

Daily I used to pack one such rice preparation into lunch box for my child and for myself. Seeing the contents of my lunch box, my colleagues used to comment that I bring different types of biriyanis daily and they did not believe me when I told what I did until they had the taste of what I made. Obviously the rice mixture used to resemble a biriyani but believe it or not it tastes very yummy too. So make these tasty rice preparations which all children would enjoy (I and my son used to enjoy) and it is a healthy meal too.

First pack those meals for yourself in your lunch boxes and observe their taste in the afternoon lunch and I am confident that you yourself would recommend them for your children.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

List of Recipes suitable for Lunch Box

Aakakarakaya Koora Teasel Gourd Curry 
Aloo Koora Potato Curry 
Aloo Potols Vepudukaram Potato & Pointed Gourd Curry 
Aloo Pudina Koora Potato and Mint Curry 
Aratikaya Nimmakaya Koora Raw Banana Curry spiked with Lemon 
Aratikaya Podi Koora Raw Banana Curry - Roasted 
Aratikaya Pulusu Bellam Koora Raw Banana Curry spiced in Tamarind & Jaggery 
Arati Puvvu Aava Koora Banana Flower spiked with Mustard Seasoning 
Arati Puvvu Pesarapappu Koora Banana Flower with Green Gram Curry 
Beans Koora Beans Curry 
Beerakaya Koora  Ridge Gourd Curry 
Beetroot Koora Beetroot Curry 
Bendakaya Iguru Koora Okra (Ladies Finger) Curry 
Bobbarlu Pachhimirchi Koora Cowpeas Curry 
Bobbarlu Vepudukaaram Cowpeas with Spice Powder 
Cabbage Kobbari Koora Cabbage with Cocount Curry 
Cabbage Pesarapappu Koora  Cabbage with De-husked Green Garam 
Capsicum Methi Koora Capsicum with Fenugreek Leaves Curry 
Carrot & Kobbari Koora Carrot & Coconut Curry 
Cauliflower Aloo Tomato Koora Cauliflower Potato Tomato Mixed Curry 
Chikkudukaya Koora Indian Broad Beans Curry 
Dondakaya Chakrala Koora  English Ivy Curry 
Dondakaya Kaya Koora  Stuffed Engish Ivy Curry 
Dondakaya Kobbari Koora English Ivy Curry with Coconut 
Dondakaya Ullipaya Koora  Little (English) Ivy Gourd Curry 
Goruchikkudu Kobbari Koora Clusterbeans & Coconut Curry 
Goruchikkudu Pappu Koora Cluster Beans together with Lentils 
Goruchikkudu Pulusu-Bellam Sweet and Sour Cluster Beans 
Goruchikkudu Ullipaya Koora Cluster Beans with Onion Curry 
Kakarakaya Pulusu Bellam Bitter Gourd - Sweet & Sour 
Kakarakaya Ullipaya Bitter Gourd & Onion friendship 
Niluvu Dondakaya Koora English Ivy Curry 
Panasa Pottu Ava Koora Raw Jack Fruit Curry Seasoned with Mustard 
Panasa Pottu Podi Koora Raw Jack Fruit and Lentils 
Ponnaganti Koora Pappukoora Alternanthera Sessilis / Water Amaranth Curry 
Potals Aloo Koora Pointed Gourd with Potato Curry-Potals Aloo Curry 
Stuffed Capsicum Curry Stuffed Capsicum Curry 
Stuffed Capsicum with potato filling Stuffed Capsicum with potato filling 
Totakoora Podi Koora Amaranth & Potatoes Curry 
Vankaya Aloo Tomato Koora Eggplant Potato Tomato Curry 
Vankaya Chikkudukaya Koora Eggplant Broad Beans Curry 
Vankaya Koora Eggplant Curry 

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