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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


    • Brinjals – 600gms
    • Curry Leaves – Handful (Wash curry leaves and dry them in shade to remove all the water)
    • Vepudukaram – 5-6tsps
    • Oil to Deep Fry

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    Wash brinjals and pat dry them with a dry cloth to remove water. Heat a pan and add oil to deep fry the brinjals. Cut the brinjals vertically into two pieces. When the oil is hot enough drop the cut brinjlas and fry them on medium heat. Fry the brinjals till they turn golden in color. Drain them on to a newspaper/paper napkin to remove excess oil. Fry all the brinjals in oil and drain them on to the newspaper/paper napkin.

    Fry the curry leaves in hot oil till crisp. Drain them on to a newspaper/paper napkin to remove excess oil. When cool, crush the curry leaves with fingers. Add the crushed curry leaves to the vepudukaram and mix well with fingers. Now the mixture is ready to stuff the fried brinjals.

    Take each brinjal piece and spread sufficient mixture and press lightly with fingers. Stuff each brinjal piece in the similar way and arrange them in a serving plate. Serve this stuffed brinjals with hot rice.

    Points to Notice:

    Select tender brinjals. The ones which have seeds does not taste good for this recipe.

    Pat dry the brinjals with a dry cloth before adding them to hot oil, otherwise the water droplets splutter and make the place a mess.

    Similarly dry the washed curry leaves before adding them to hot oil for the same reason.

    Cut the brinjals just before adding them to hot oil. As the cut brinjals tend to change color and turn bitter (Which we call as KANARU in telugu) this precaution is necessary. 

    This is an easy and tasty recipe which all age groups like.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Our Earlier discussions on the Blog
    Dear Madam,
    Thanks for the recipe. Unfortunately may be you are not aware of the printed news paper and its toxic acids in it. You are suggesting your viewers to use a news paper to obsorb oil from brinjol.
    Are you aware that news paper is a printed material printed with dangerous colors and toxic acids. which you are asking every one to use???
    If you dont know please ask them to use a kichen napkins. Aslo use the right terminology. One can sue you for this. Dont give wrong ideas to public and spoil healths. Forget your recipe.
    At abroad no one use any prnted papers and its banned. Please teach good things.

    Thanks and have a nice day
    With warm best regards
    Chandra S.Kodi

    BloggerGayatri Vantillu said...

    Chandra S Kodi Garu,

    It appears that you are a new visitor to my site. Nice to see your concern. It also amusing to watch your eagerness to preach & sermon  and instill a fear of being sued.

    You may like go through the discussions column in the following link on using newspint in my recipes.

    I request my viewers to follow the blog regularly and see the content in entirety on the website.

    Your Earlier comments on the Blog

    Markata Rani said...

    Gayatri gaaru,

    Mee vanta, vantillu adbhutamgaa unnayi. Innallaki naku oka wholesome (in its contents)telugu vantala site dorikinanduku chala santoshamga undi. Recipes matrame kakunda vantillu, andulo undalsina vastuvulu, inkaa atu vanti paniki vacche vishayaalanennitino indulo unchinanduku chaala santosham. Annitikante naku mee motto " Enjoy Cooking -- Enjoy Serving -- Enjoy Eating -- Eat Fresh -- Eat Limited -- Eat Regularly -- Stay Healthy -- Stay Fit" chala chala nacchesindandi. Eeroju nunchi mee site and blog regular ga chustuntaanu, veelu chuskuni meeru choopinchina recipes follow ayyi feedback kuda pedutuntaanu. Inta manchi resource andinchinanduku chala thanks andi.

    July 27, 2010 2:33 AM

    Anonymous said...

    you are doing a wonderfuljob.Infact many people has to learn alot from you. Great job because vanta cheyyadamu anede aantha telika kadu aadi kooda oka kalee aani meeru nirupencharu. Wish you all the best

    July 28, 2010 9:51 PM

    Krishh said...

    Hello Gayatri gaaru,

    I am kalpana, basically I am from orissa, but my husband is from south India and he likes all telugu dishes.
    I have tried almost 10-12 recipes like pulihora, ginger pickle and dosa and i got really very good comments from my husband and his friends. And this all goes to you. Really thank you very much.
    And last thing I want to say again is I really like Gayatrivantillu recipes. "Too Good" Excellent.

    August 6, 2010 10:10 PM
    Anonymous said...

    Hi Gayathri,

    You are awesome! I REALLY like the recipes of yours. I tried the vankaya vepudu and it came out really good. I am from Bangalore, so I don't know how to say it in Telugu. But I will try,
    Chaala thanks andi! Mee vantallu chaala baaga untaayi! I hope I am correct.


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