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    • Potatoes – 500gms
    • Salt – 6tsps
    • Vinegar – 2Tbsps
    • Water – 2Litres
    • Oil – For Deep Frying

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    Wash and peel potatoes. Cut the potatoes into finger length pieces in French fries style. Wash the potato pieces in water thoroughly. Change water and wash potato pieces well until water in which potatoes are soaked is clear without any starch. Transfer the potato pieces into a bowl of chilled water & soak them for 10 minutes. Heat a pan and add 2 liters of water in it and heat it. When water is boiling, add salt and vinegar and mix. Add the potato pieces which are soaking in chilled water and cook for 3 minutes exactly. Drain the potato pieces and spread them on a cloth to soak excess water. Heat a pan and add oil for deep frying potato pieces. When oil is sufficiently hot, add the potato pieces and fry on high flame for one minute. Remove the potato pieces from oil using a slotted ladle and spread them on a paper napkin to soak excess oil. Cool the potato pieces and place them in a zip lock bag and close it. Place the bag in freezer for one hour or till French fries are needed. After one hour, remove bag from freezer. Heat a pan and add oil and heat the oil. When oil is sufficiently hot, add potato pieces and fry on medium flame stirring, till they are crisp and starts to change color to golden. Remove the fried French fries and place them on a paper napkin to soak excess oil. Sprinkle some salt on the pieces while they are still hot to get that extra taste. Serve with ketchup or any dip.

    Points To Remember:

    Wash the potato pieces well, changing water in intervals to remove starch. Starch makes the potatoes turn red when fried. Wash the potato pieces well until water is clear and potato pieces under water appears clear.

    Soaking the potato pieces in chilled water makes them become firm. Parboiling the potatoes on high flame for one minute forms a skin on the outer surface and they retain their shape.

    Boiling the chilled potato pieces in salt allows them to absorb salt making them tasty. Adding vinegar to the water in which potato pieces are parboiled, helps in removing extra starch and hence when these potato pieces are fried they do not turn red in color and are fried till crisp on the outside.

    Freezing the parboiled potatoes makes them firm again. Also at this stage freeze the parboiled potato pieces till you again require them. As and when required take as much of fries needed and fry them till crisp to get French fries. So when in season, when we get new potatoes, proceed till parboiling the potato pieces and freeze them in zip lock bags and store them. Make French fries with these frozen potato pieces when new potatoes are not available.

    French fries are the favorite snack for any age group and no one can eat just one. But they are high in calories so eat in limited quantities. Now as we all know how to make French fries at home, make in small batches so that we have control in eating.

    Serve these French fries with tomato ketchup or any sweet and sour sauce or any dip of your choice.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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