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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


Finger Millet (Ragi) Flour – 1/4Cup (40gms)

Salt – 1/4tsp

Water – 1Cup (200ml)

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Take a bowl and add ragi flour, salt and water. take a whisk and mix all the ingredients in the bowl to a smooth mixture without any lumps. Place this bowl on a gas stove and cook on low flame. Take a spoon and continuously stir thr mixture while cooking to get a smooth texture. After few minutes observe that the mixture starts thickening. Cook stirring for few more minutes till the mixture forms a smooth lump. As the mixture thickens on cooling, switch off the stove while the mixture is still in a semi liquid stage. Even after switching off the stove stir the mixture for few seconds so that the mixture turns smooth. Transfer the prepared Ragi Sankati to a serving bowl.

As with ragi flour we made ragi sankati, with bajra (Pearl Millet) flour make Bajra Sankati and with jowar (Sorghum) flour Make Jonna Sankati.

Add curd to the ragi sankati and serve with a pickle—it tastes yummy.

Using the Ragi Sankati make Ragi Lassi, Ragi Shake, Ragi Smoothie etc., and make delicious and healthy full meal drinks.

Ragi Lassi


Ragi Sankati – 1Cup

Low Fat Curd – 1Cup (250gms)

Water – As Required


Take a jug and add ragi sankati, curd and water required to get required consistency. Churn the ingredients in the jug using a traditional churner or a whisk attached hand blender. Whisk the ingredients to get a smooth lassi without any lumps. Take a tall serving mug and pour the prepared Ragi Lassi and serve as it is or chilled. To spice up the Ragi Lassi add some ginger-green chili mixture while churning the ingredients. Another spicy version is to add a mixture of black pepper powder, dry ginger powder and some asafetida. Enjoy this healthy and wholesome drink any time of the year.

Points To Observe:

Instead of salt add some sugar and make a sweeter version of the sankati and serve adding some chopped fruits and hung curd garnished with some dry fruits. Similarly replace spices with some flavorings to the lassi and enjoy delicious drinks.

There are many recipes one can make using ragi flour like dosa, idli, laddoo and the famous Ragi Mudde.

If one feels heavy and wants to skip a meal then ragi lassi would be the best option as it would fill the stomach without making it heavy.

 For weight watchers replace a meal preferably in the afternoon or night with ragi lassi or curd mixed ragi sankati and watch the difference---but do not forget to exercise to reduce weight (no short cut or escape route to this!!!!).

Serve the ragi sankati with curd and pickle or make lassi and serve chilled, spiced or plain.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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