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Recipe Text


    • Frozen Mango Pulp – 120gms (1/2Cup)
    • Fresh Coconut Milk – 130gsm (1/2Cup)
    • Powdered Sugar – 4Tbsps Or To Taste
    • Thick Curd – 360gms (1Cup)
    • Cardamom – 1

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    Take out the frozen mango pulp from freezer and keep it aside for few minutes to thaw. Meanwhile prepare coconut milk.

    Take grated coconut into a mixie jar and add sufficient water. Grind the coconut to extract coconut milk. Take a nylon mesh strainer and pour the ground coconut mixture into it and press with the back of a spoon to extract milk.

    Using a mortar and pestle grind cardamom adding little sugar to a fine powder.


    Take a blender and add frozen mango pulp (With Ice crystals), thick curd and prepared coconut milk and blend. If required add powdered sugar and blend. Finally add cardamom powder and mix. Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

    Points To Observe:

    As mango pulp is frozen one need not add ice cubes to the smoothie. Adding ice cubes changes the texture of smoothie. So it is better to use frozen mango pulp which provides sufficient chillness without altering the texture of smoothie.  

    Adding coconut milk gives a silent flavor to the smoothie.

    If curd is not thick enough, take a bowl and place a strainer in it. Place a cloth in the strainer and pour curd into the cloth lined strainer. Cover with a lid and place this bowl with strainer in fridge to drain excess water from the curd. After few minutes, use this thick and chilled curd to make smoothie. Placing a cloth in the strainer is important. Adding curd directly into the strainer turns the flavor of curd slightly to a bitter taste—may be it reacts with the wire mesh and flavor changes. So avoid this by lining the strainer with a cloth before adding curd into it. Use a cloth which is thinly weaved like an old sari piece or a hand kerchief but not a thick cloth like a towel---it becomes easy to drain water from curd with a thin woven cloth.

    Add powdered sugar to the smoothie as it mixes fast. Depending upon the sweetness of the mangoes and how fresh the curd is, add required amount of powdered sugar and mix to get the right taste. If curd is sour it would require more sugar to sweeten the drink. Similarly if mango pulp is not sweet enough then also more sugar would be required to add to the smoothie.Make fresh coconut milk to get better taste. If a, nylon mesh strainer is not available, pour the ground coconut mixture into a cloth---pull the edges of the cloth together and press to get coconut milk. After the first extract of coconut milk do not throw away the residual coconut. Add some water to the residual coconut and grind again to get a thin consistency coconut milk which can be used later in any gravy dishes. But use only the first extract to make the smoothie for better flavor.

    Cardamom gives a subtle flavor to the smoothie.

    Use chilled ingredients to enjoy this smoothie on a hot summer day.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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