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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


    For Rose Milk:

    • Milk – 250ml
    • Rose Syrup – 6Tbsps

    For Falooda Sev:

    • Corn Flour – 100gms
    • Water – 500ml
    • Other Ingredients:
    • Basil Seeds – 1Tbsp
    • Low-Fat Ice-Cream
    • Pistachios – 1Tbsp

    (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)

    Preparing Falooda Sev:

    Take 100gms Corn flour and 500ml water. Heat a deep pan and add 350ml water from the 500ml water and bring it to boil. To the remaining 150ml water add 100gms corn flour and mix well. When water is boiling add the corn flour mixture stirring all the while. Cook the mixture stirring till it thickens and becomes transparent.

    Take a broad bowl and add water to it. Drop ice-cubes to chill the water in the broad bowl. Take a sev press and arrange the plate with which we usually make sev. Hold the sev press with a cloth. Spoon in the hot corn flour mixture into the mould and close the lid. Hold it firmly and press it in the chilled water. Now fill the mould again with the corn flour mixture and repeat the process of making corn sev in chilled water. Store the corn flour sev in Chilled Water till use. Place this falooda sev bowl in refrigerator so that water remains chilled.

    Preparing Basil Seeds:

    Take 1Tbsp of basil seeds into a deep bowl and add water to soak them. Soak the seeds for half an hour so that they are fully swollen.

    Other Preparations:

    Soak 1Tbsp of Pistachios in hot water for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes peel the skins and chop the pistachios.

    Place the milk in refrigerator to chill. Add 6Tbsps of rose syrup to the chilled milk and mix well.

    Strain the swollen basil seeds ina strainer and remove the water.

    Remove the falooda sev from water with the help of a slotted ladle.

    Bring out the hard ice-cream from the freezer to soften it.


    Take a tall glass tumbler and add one or two scoops of ice-cream. Add swollen basil seeds and spread with a spoon to form a layer. Then add the falooda sev till the glass is half filled. Hold a spoon at an angle and pour the milk slowly over the spoon. Pouring the milk over the spoon will not disturb layers. Top it with one or two scoops of ice-cream. Pour a teaspoon of rose syrup on the ice-cream so that it spreads below forming a design. Garnish with chopped pistachios. Insert a spoon and a straw and serve immediately.

    Points to Remember:

    Use low fat ice cream to cut down on calories.

    Basil seeds are good for health as they cool the body heat. Use a deep bowl for soaking basil seeds as they occupy more space once swollen. Similarly add enough water for them to soak. Handle the swollen basil seeds with care as it will be difficult to collect them back if they are spilled.

    Cook the corn mixture on medium to low flame only, stirring all the while. Stirring makes the mixture smooth without forming into lumps.

    Use sufficient ice-cubes to chill the water.

    The corn falooda sev will be very soft and fragile. It is necessary to store this in chilled water to retain the shape. It is so soft and will pass through the straw when we suck it. Though it doesn't have any specific taste, it is the combination of all the ingredients which are used in the recipe, which brings in the unique taste.

    Chill the milk thoroughly. Commercial rose syrups generally will be extremely sweet, so add accordingly - by tasting after adding it to milk.

    Milk is heavy on stomach and will not get digested easily, therefore adjust the portions of other dishes you propose to eat later, otherwise you will suffer with heavy stomach.

    It is the undisturbed layers with the beautiful rose colored milk which gives a natural design to this dish. That design with the taste of ice-cream accompanied by various soft and crunchy ingredients makes this dish unique.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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