Raw Jackfruit & Coconut Curry - కొబ్బరివేసి పనస కూర - గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

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    • Jackfruit Pieces – 300gms
    • Grated Coconut – 65gms (1/3Cup-Heaped)
    • Green Chilies – 6
    • Ginger – Small Piece
    • Curry Leaves – 1Sprig
    • Bengal Gram – 1tsp
    • Black Gram – 1tsp
    • Mustard Seeds – 1/4tsp
    • Cumin Seeds – 1/4tsp
    • Salt – To Taste – 1tsp (Divided)
    • Turmeric Powder – 1/4tsp (Divided)
    • Oil – 2 1/2Tbsps
    • Water – As Needed (100ml)

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    Apply oil generously on both hands and on the knife also. Now carefully remove the skin of jackfruit with oiled knife. Cut the jackfruit into big chunks. Wash the jackfruit chunks and take them into a microwave safe bowl. Add 100ml water, 1/4tsp salt and 1/8tsp turmeric powder and mix well. Place the jackfruit bowl in microwave oven and cover bowl partially. Cook jackfruit pieces on high power for 5 minutes. Stir the vegetable once and again cook covered on high power for 7 minutes. Allow 3 minutes standing time and remove the jackfruit bowl from microwave oven. Observe that jackfruit pieces are well cooked. Coat the inner portion of mortar and pestle with oil. Crush the cooked jackfruit pieces using the oiled mortar and pestle. Take the crushed jackfruit pieces into a bowl.

    Wash green chilies and ginger. Grate ginger and finely chop green chilies. Wash and chop curry leaves. Grate coconut and keep it nearby.


    Heat a pan and add oil and heat oil. When oil is hot add Bengal gram and black gram and fry stirring till they start changing color. Then add mustard seeds and cumin seeds and fry stirring till seeds splutter. Then add finely chopped green chilies, grated ginger and chopped curry leaves and fry stirring till chilies turn slightly crisp. Add 1/8tsp turmeric powder and add crushed jackfruit pieces. Mix all well and add remaining salt and mix again. Add grated coconut and mix well. Cover the pan with lid and cook on low flame for 2 minutes. Stir the curry well and fry uncovered for 2 minutes. Transfer the curry into a serving bowl and serve hot with plain rice.

    Points To Observe:

    Select a jackfruit which is slightly tender but not too tender. Too tender jackfruits taste acrid and would not taste good. A good jackfruit oozes out milk when cut. Remember to oil both hands and knife well before attempting to cut or remove skin of jackfruit. With oiled hands it would be slippery----take care while cutting the vegetable.

    After removing the skin keep the jackfruit in a bowl and cover bowl and place this bowl in refrigerator and use it next day. By doing this way one can avoid the stickiness to some extent.

    Cut the jackfruit into big chunks as any how we would crush it once the pieces are cooked.

    Here I have cooked jackfruit pieces in a microwave oven. If cooking on stove top add jackfruit pieces into a bowl and add salt, turmeric powder and 100ml water and cook till pieces are soft and tender---same procedure to cook jackfruit either in microwave oven or on a stove top.

    Oil the mortar and pestle before crushing the cooked jackfruit pieces as it oozes out a sticky gum like substance it would become difficult later to clean them.

    To clean the gum like sticky substance on the knife or on mortar and pestle or on the utensils used like plates or bowls clean it using an aluminum foil. Take a piece of foil and crumple it to form a ball---with this clean the gum like sticky substance sticking on the utensils and at the end throw away that foil ball. If using a sponge or any other thing ---the gum sticks to it and would become difficult to clean it.

    Jackfruit when cooked and crushed gives a thread like appearance and when it is combined with grated coconut gives a nice flavor to the dish. Make the curry and serve with hot rice.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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