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Curries - కూరలు

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Aakakarakaya Koora Teasel Gourd Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Aanapakai Noolugunda Koora Bottle Gourd spiced with Sesame Powder Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Aloo Koora Potato Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Aloo Potols Vepudukaram Potato & Pointed Gourd Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Aloo Pudina Koora Potato and Mint Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Aratikaya Nimmakaya Koora Raw Banana Curry spiked with Lemon Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Aratikaya Podi Koora Raw Banana Curry - Roasted Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Aratikaya Pulusu Bellam Koora Raw Banana Curry spiced in Tamarind & Jaggery Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Arati Puvvu Aava Koora Banana Flower spiked with Mustard Seasoning Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Arati Puvvu Pesarapappu Koora Banana Flower with Green Gram Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Beans Koora Beans Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Beerakaya Koora  Ridge Gourd Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Beetroot Koora Beetroot Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Bendakaya Iguru Koora Okra (Ladies Finger) Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Bobbarlu Pachhimirchi Koora Cowpeas Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Bobbarlu Vepudukaaram Cowpeas with Spice Powder Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Cabbage Kobbari Koora Cabbage with Cocount Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Cabbage Pesarapappu Koora  Cabbage with De-husked Green Garam Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Capsicum Methi Koora Capsicum with Fenugreek Leaves Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Carrot & Kobbari Koora Carrot & Coconut Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Cauliflower Aloo Tomato Koora Cauliflower Potato Tomato Mixed Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Chikkudukaya Koora Indian Broad Beans Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Dondakaya Chakrala Koora  English Ivy Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Dondakaya Kaya Koora  Stuffed Engish Ivy Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Dondakaya Kobbari Koora English Ivy Curry with Coconut Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Dondakaya Ullikaram Ivy Gourd in Onion Masala Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Dondakaya Ullipaya Koora  Little (English) Ivy Gourd Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Goruchikkudu Kobbari Koora Clusterbeans & Coconut Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Goruchikkudu Pappu Koora Cluster Beans together with Lentils Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Goruchikkudu Pulusu-Bellam Sweet and Sour Cluster Beans Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Goruchikkudu Ullipaya Koora Cluster Beans with Onion Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Gutti Vankaya Koora Stuffed Brinjal Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Gutti Vankaya with Dhaniyala Karam Egg-Plant whole curry spiced with Coriander seed powder Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Kakarakaya Kaya Koora Bitter gourd wholesome curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Kakarakaya Pulusu Bellam Bitter Gourd - Sweet & Sour Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Kakarakaya Ullipaya Bitter Gourd & Onion friendship Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Kanda Bachhali  Elephant Foot with Malbar Spinach Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Niluvu Dondakaya Koora English Ivy Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Panasa Pottu Ava Koora Raw Jack Fruit Curry Seasoned with Mustard Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Panasa Pottu Podi Koora Raw Jack Fruit and Lentils Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Ponnaganti Koora Pappukoora Alternanthera Sessilis / Water Amaranth Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Potals Aloo Koora Pointed Gourd with Potato Curry-Potals Aloo Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Potlakaya Koora Snake Gourd Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Sorakaya Kooralu Bottle Gourd Curries Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Stuffed Capsicum Curry Stuffed Capsicum Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Stuffed Capsicum with potato filling Stuffed Capsicum with potato filling Text Curries (Kooralu) Yes 
Tomato Koora  Tomato Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Totakoora Podi Koora Amaranth & Potatoes Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Vankaya Aloo Tomato Koora Eggplant Potato Tomato Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Vankaya Chikkudukaya Koora Eggplant Broad Beans Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  
Vankaya Koora Eggplant Curry Movie Curries (Kooralu)  

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