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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


Raw Bananas (Kerala Variety)

Oil – For Deep Frying

Saturated Solution Made With:

Water – 50ml

Rock Salt – 1Tbsp (20gms)

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Take 50ml water & add 1Tbsp of rock salt. Mix the mixture until salt dissolves. Observe that after mixing well, some salt is left in the bowl which indicates that the solution is transformed into saturated solution. Keep this saturated solution bowl aside for further use.

Heat a pan on low flame and add sufficient oil to deep fry the bananas to make chips. While the oil is getting heated, make other preparations.

Take a plate and spread paper napkin in it. After frying the chips place them on the paper napkin to soak excess oil.

Take water in a bowl and add a banana and wash it well by rubbing with fingers. Similarly wash all the bananas taken to make chips. Wipe the washed bananas with a clean and dry cloth.


Take a banana and peel it using a peeler. Remove the light green portion of the banana till white part of the vegetable is seen. Peel another layer using a peeler and cut the end portion of the banana. Take a chips slicing machine and slice the peeled banana into thick slices. If carefully handled, hold the slicer on the hot oil with one hand and slice the banana with another hand directly into the oil---but be very careful. Observe the banana slices---they have a light peach color ---after frying these bananas they get the natural yellow color---that is the speciality of Kerala variety bananas which are famous for making banana chips.

When the oil is sufficiently hot drop the banana slices into oil separating each piece so that they do not stick to each other and gets fried well. Add just sufficient banana slices to the oil taken. Increase the flame to “High” and fry stirring the banana slices. After some time observe that the banana slices rise to the top---at this point lower the flame to “Medium” and fry stirring till the chips turn crisp. When the chips are crisp add few spoons of the prepared saturated solution into the oil and mix with the ladle. After adding the saturated solution, observe that oil would be sizzling. Fry stirring till the sizzling stops and the chips are crisp. Now lower the flame to “Sim” and carefully remove the crispy chips from oil using a slotted ladle. Place the chips on paper napkin and spread to soak excess oil. take a chip and press between fingers and if it breaks easily that means they are fried well.

Take another banana and peel it as mentioned earlier. Repeat the process of making slices of banana and frying them in oil and seasoning the crisply fried chips with saturated solution as mentioned earlier.

With a thin slicing blade, slice bananas thinly and fry as mentioned above and get thin banana chips.

After frying the chips, while they are still hot, sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper to spice up the chips.

Use a combination of freshly ground black pepper powder and black salt to get a different taste of spicy chips.

Serve the chips as they are or serve them as accompaniment with Charu, Sambar or serve them with Fondue.

Points To Remember:

Use only the Kerala variety bananas to make these banana chips. The normal variety which are available in the market which are used to make curries are not to be used to make these chips---as they do not get the color or the texture of chips made using Kerala variety bananas.

Another variety of bananas which have round edges are available in the market---one can make chips with this variety but again they do not get the color or the texture of chips made using Kerala variety bananas.

While preparing saturated solution, add some salt to water and dissolve. Add some more salt and dissolve in the same salt solution. After some time observe that the salt added would not be dissolved in the salt solution---this indicates that the solution became a saturated solution.

Do not peel all the bananas at once---as they change color to dark. Peel a banana, slice it and fry to make chips. After the first batch is over then peel another banana and slice it and fry.

While adding the banana slices, separate them if they are sticking to each other and then drop them in oil---this way they gets fried well.

After adding banana slices increase the flame to high and fry stirring so that the slices are separated and fried well. When the banana slices rise to the top---reduce flame to medium and fry so that all moisture in the banana slices gets evaporated and the chips become crisp.

Add saturated solution to the oil to season the chips with salt. After adding the saturated solution to the oil, each piece of banana chips would be coated with the saturated solution. Water in the saturated solution gets evaporated and salt is coated evenly on the chips.

Serve the chips as they are or serve them as accompaniment with Charu, Sambar or serve them with Fondue.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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