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Snacks & Chats (Fast Food Corner)

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Telugu NameEnglish / Hindi NameMovie / TextRecipe CategoryGoogle+

Bombay Sandwiiches Bombay Sandwiiches Text Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Bread Bonda Bread Bonda Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Cauliflower Bonda Cauliflower Bonda Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Chat Chutney Chat Chutney Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Corn-flakes Mixture Corn-flakes Mixture Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Dahi Samosas Dahi Samosas Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Dahi-Sev-Puri Dahi-Sev-Puri Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Dry Garlic Chutney Dry Garlic Chutney Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Garelu & Masala Garelu Andhra Vada & Masala Vada Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Garelu of East India Bora (With Black Gram) Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Hakka Noodles Hakka Noodles Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Masala Mokkajonna - Indian Corn Masala American Sweet Corn Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Mirapakaya Bajji Mirchi Bajji-Green Chilli Fritters Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Paani Puri Paani Puri Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Pav-Bhaji Pav-Bhaji Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Peanuts - Salted & Roasted Khare Sing Daane Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Picnic Mixture Picnic Mixture Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Pizza with Bread Base Pizza with Bread Base Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Puris Of Pani Puri Puris Of Pani Puri Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Samosa Samosa Movie Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Senagala Satalimpu Spiced Brown Chickpeas - Sundal Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Sweet Sour Chutney Sweet Sour Chutney Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Tomato Ketchup Tomato Ketchup Text Fast Food, Snacks Yes 
Vaamu Aaku Bajjilu Carom Leaves Fritters Movie Fast Food, Snacks  
Vada Pav Vada Pav Movie Fast Food, Snacks  

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