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Mamidikaya Pulihora - Raw Mango Rice - మామిడికాయ పులిహొర - Indian Vegetarian Food

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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


    • Raw Rice – 150gms
    • Water – 300gms
    • Raw Mango – 150gms
    • Green Chilies – 9
    • Curry Leaves – Few
    • Red Chilies – 2
    • Bengal Gram – 1tsp
    • Black Gram – 1 /2tsps
    • Fenugreek Seeds – 3 to 5 Seeds
    • Mustard Seeds – 1tsp
    • Asafoetida – 1/8tsp
    • Oil – 5tsps

    (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)


    Take rice in a deep bowl and wash it. Add water to the washed rice and place this bowl in a pressure cooker and cook. When the pressure develops in the pressure cooker, cook on low flame for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes increase the flame and let the pressure develop once again. Before the cooker whistles, switch off the flame and let it cool. Remove the rice bowl from the cooker and keep it aside for few minutes. Then take a fork and separate the grains.

    Take a raw mango and wash it. Peel the skin of the mango and grate it with a grater. Wash and slit the green chilies. Break each red chili into 2 pieces and keep them aside.


    Add the grated mango to the rice and mix well with a fork. Heat a pan and add oil to it. When the oil is hot add the cashew nuts and fry them till golden brown. Take the fried cashew pieces on to the rice. Add the peanuts to the oil and fry them. Once fried, add the fried peanuts also to the rice mixture. In the remaining oil add the Bengal gram, black gram and fenugreek seeds. Fry the seeds till they change color. Then add the mustard seeds and fry till they splutter. Now add the asafoetida and mix well. Then add the slit green chilies and fry for few seconds. Then add red chilies and curry leaves. Fry the seasoning well and switch off the flame. Now add the turmer5ic powder and mix well. Then add salt and mix once. Now transfer the rice mixture to the pan and mix all well. Transfer the Pulihora to a serving bowl and serve.

    Points to Notice:

    Add grated mango according to your taste.

    It is advisable to use a fork rather than a spoon to separate the cooked rice grains so that rice will not get mashed up.

    Fry the green chilies well in oil so that they won’t be too hot to eat.

    Take care while frying the peanuts as they turn black very fast while frying. So it is better to remove them once you hear the crackling sound. Even after removing them from hot oil, they get fried to the right texture with the heat left in them. If you fry them to the right texture they taste better otherwise they will spoil the entire taste of the Pulihora.


    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    BloggerPadmaja Chamarthi said...

    Hi Gayatri Garu,

    Nenu net lo mamidikaya pulihora gurinchi search chestunte, mee link dorikindi. I tried your recipe. It came out really well. All of my guests really liked it. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! I'm also from Madapati Hanumantha Rao girls high school. 94 passout. My mom was a telugu teacher at Madapati, Rama Devi. Wondering if you know her. I had asked my mom abt you. she said perhaps she knows Gayatri who sings, perhaps you as you've mentioned classical singing as hobby. I will send her your earlier days pic. May be she would recognise. I'm really inspired by your life style changes article, more by your pics. Great will power! I'm 30 now, and already so overweight. I will try to incorporate some of the changes to my routine mentioned by you. I really liked your spirit in venturing into new things like this site or healthy habits etc... All the best with your SBI battle.

    Bye and Take care

    April 25, 2009 12:06 PM

    BloggerGayatri Vantillu said...

    Padmaja Garu,

    World is really a small place because we come across the known easily, isn't? Of the three Gayatris in my class, the singing Gayatri is "V Gayatri", I am "K Gayatri" and the third is ML Gayatri.

    Thanks for your comments and convey my regards to your parents

    April 25, 2009 5:10 PM

    Padmaja Chamarthi said...

    Hi Gayatri Garu,

    Yes its a small world! I did mention abt all the gayatris in your class to my mom.


    May 1, 2009 2:15 AMDelete

    Your Earlier comments on the Blog
    Anonymous said...

    Hi gayatri garu
    i like ur dishes.i tried husband like alot pulihora.i am so happy.then onwards .i have watched this site
    Thanks for providing

    January 4, 2011 11:50 AM

    BloggerKrish said...

    would you tell me the receipe for mysore pak....I am poor at sweets..

    Krishnamohan Yallapanthula

    July 9, 2009 7:35 AM

    Bloggersrinithya said...

    hello gayatrigaru,
    na peru srinithya,us ki vachaka telugu matlade vallu karuvaipoyaru,naku pellaina vembade us ki vachanu,1 year ayndi.telugu recipes search chestunti me site naku kanipinchindi,nenu entha happy ga feel ayyanu ante sontha place vunna feeling kaligindi,mee site naku entho nachindi,anni cover chesaru,nalanti beginners ki me site baga vupoyagakaram,ma ammagariki chebuthe me site chusi chala chala bagundannaru,meeku chala thanks.
    Meru sweets post cheyandi ade pandagaliki naivedyam cheyadaniki sahayam avuthundi,thanks for your wonderful website.

    April 25, 2009 7:25 AM

    BloggerSubbu said...

    Dear Gayatri

    Your Recipes are truely great.
    Will try to post here regularly.
    Subbu (

    March 30, 2009 4:27 PM

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