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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


  • Semolina – 100gms (1 Small Glass)
  • Water – 3 Small Glasses (For every one cup of semolina take 3 cups of water)
  • Fenugreek Seeds – 5 Seeds
  • Black Gram – 1 1/2tsps
  • Mustard Seeds – 3/4tsp
  • Cumin Seeds – 1/2tsp
  • Curry Leaves – Few
  • Green Chilies – 9
  • Ginger – Small Piece
  • Cashew Nuts – 2tbsps
  • Ghee – 2tsps
  • Salt to Taste
  • Lemon Juice – 2tbsps
  • Oil – 8tsps



(Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)


Wash & clean ginger, green chilies and grind them to a coarse paste in a mixer grinder. Heat a pan and add oil to it. When oil is hot add the cashew nut pieces and fry them. Fry the nuts till they turn golden in color and keep them aside.


Heat a pan and add oil to it. When oil is hot add fenugreek seeds and black gram. Fry till the seeds start changing color. Then add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Fry till the seeds splutter. Then add curry leaves and ground ginger-chili paste. Fry well. Now add water and salt. Mix well. When the water starts boiling lower the flame and add the ghee. Then add semolina little by little and mix. Cover and cook for 3 minutes. Remove the lid and mix the upma well. Switch off the flame and add fried cashew nut pieces and lemon juice. Mix well and serve hot.

Points to Notice:

Take care while adding semolina to the boiling water. Add very little quantity of semolina and mix with a spoon. As there is more water compared to the semolina we have added, it will get mixed immediately. Then add some more semolina and mix. Like this finish off the semolina which has been taken. If one follows the above procedure there won’t be any lumps. If you add all the semolina at once, then it forms into a big lump and will not get mixed with the water.

Adding right amount of salt brings the perfect taste to the dish. After adding salt taste the water and check it. It is better to add salt at this level which gets mixed well with the water. If you add salt after the upma preparation is over, it will not get mixed well and spoils the taste.


To avoid lump formation one can dry roast the semolina before adding it to the boiling water.

Some prepare upma the following way:

Take water in a bowl and let it boil. Simultaneously prepare the seasoning on another stove. After frying the seasonings add the semolina, ghee & salt and fry well. Now add the boiling water to the mixture and mix well. Add fried cashew nuts, lemon juice to the upma. Mix well & serve hot.

I avoid doing upma the above way because when we add boiling water to the semolina it splutters and makes a mess to clean the gas stove. 

This upma is also served with Pesarattu and we call it Pesarattu-Upma or MLA Pesarattu.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sailaja Damodaran said...

Nice site with videos.......must become a follower of you

August 8, 2009 9:16 PM

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Description: AnonymousAnonymous said...

Hi Gayatri,

Your recipie presentation style i like so much.Could you please letr me know how to make some south indian sweets.



August 9, 2009 11:39 AM


Anonymous said...

Dear గాయత్రీ గారు,
నా పేరు చిన్నా బాబు,మాది ఆంధ్ర నే, ఉద్యోగ రిత్యా దుబాయ్ లో ఉంటునాను, నేను మా ఫ్రెండ్స్ తో కలసి ఉంటునాను, బ్యాచలర్స్ ఎలా వంటలు వండుకుంట్టారో మీకు తెలుసు, మాకు ఎప్పుడు పప్పు అన్నం, కాకుండా కొత్తగా చేసుకోవాలని పిస్తే మేము ఇంటర్నెట్ లో బ్రౌస్ చేసి, వంటలు గురించి తెలుస్కోని చేసుకుంటాము, మీ వెబ్సైటు లో పెట్టిన వంటలు మాకు నేర్చుకోవడానికి సులభంగా ఉంది.

పుట్టగొడుగుల తో వంటలు ఎలా చెయ్యాలో చెప్పలేదు, మాకు పుట్టగోడుగులంటే బాగా ఇష్టం, దయచేసి వీటిని ఎలా వండుకోవాలో చెపుతారని ఆశిశ్తునము.
చిన్నా బాబు

August 12, 2009 5:25 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayatri garu

My name is Santhi and I really love your website Your recipes are so good. All the instructions are very clear to follow. Thank you very much for this great website. Nenu entha try chesina, i could not get the taste of Mom's cooking. kaani mee recipes follow ayi cheyyadam start chesina tharvatha, aa ruchi naa vanta lo konchem kanipisthondi.

Thanks a lot for your time and effort. People like me are greatly benefited by Gayatrivantillu.

With Thanks

Santhi Sireesha Sistla

August 12, 2009 5:40 AM

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Description: AnonymousAnonymous said...

Hi Gayatri garu,

This is jyosthna.How is ur job doing?Your dishes are awesome..nenu online lo curries gurunchi chudalante i directly go to ur site.Frankly to say nenu mee site chusi cooking narchukunnanu..the way you tell clearly is very appreciative.Thanks once again..

August 13, 2009 3:00 AM

Description: AnonymousAnonymous said...

Namasthe Gayatri garu,

Mee valla anni vantakalu ee ibbandi lekunda cheyyagalugutunnanu...Vachhedi Vinayaka chavithi...maa vaaru andarini maa intiki pilicharu...weekend kuda avvatam tho antha vastunnaru...mee website lo undrallu chusanu daaniki dhoka ledu ....etochhi migata vi emi cheyyalo ardham kavadam ledu... meeru srama anukokunda migatha prasadalu ki kavalsina kolathalu procedure isthe nenu santhoshisthanu....

Thanks in advance,

August 13, 2009 9:36 PM

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Monica Moreira

Thanks Gayatri Looks great and easy to prepare. I will try this sometime soon.

nagendra prasad

thanks nice

sonia sharma

can u please teach us to prepare idlies in most traditional way that is most delicious in taste too & basic & popular too,as there are so many different ideas spread to make them,but none of that bring the unique actual taste of traditional idilies prepared in south Indian homes,would love & grateful if u share that treasured secret to make them...:),would be waiting to see that..same forthe dosa with masala too

sonia sharma

love the traditional way of cooking u make us learn,lot of thanks and keep it up pl,only then would able to return to our traditional cooking


Thank you Gayathri for this simple and nice preparation. Sudhakar - Netherlands.


Hi Gayatri, thanks for the recipe!