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Recipe Text

(Next  upload would be Orange Ice-cream Recipe Video)

Yields: 1Cup (300gms)


  • Oranges – 3
  • [Orange Zest – 1Tbsp---Taken From 2 Oranges]
  • [Orange Juice – 1Cup (240gms) ---Taken From 3 Oranges]
  • Papaya – Half Fruit
  • [Grated Papaya Pulp – 1 Cup (270gms)]
  • Sugar – 80gms (1/4Cup—Heaped)
  • Citric Acid – 1/8tsp

(Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)


Wash oranges and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Keep the oranges aside for a while to dry.

Take a zester and grate the outer skin of oranges. Take care not to grate the white portion underneath the orange/yellow outer skin of orange as it would taste bitter. Measure 1Tbsp of orange zest and keep it aside. Remaining zest may be used in other recipes.

Cut the oranges horizontally. Take a bowl and place a strainer in it. Take a fruit extractor and extract juice manually or use a food processor and extract juice. Add the extracted juice to the strainer. Add the pulp left in the fruit extractor to the strainer as it also contains lot of orange juice. With the back of a ladle press the orange pulp in strainer to separate juice. Measure 1cup (240gms) of extracted orange juice.

Wash and peel the papaya using a peeler. Cut the papaya vertically and remove seeds if any. Take a half piece and cut it into four pieces. Remove the top portion of each piece with a knife (as shown in movie) as it would be bitter. Using a small holed grater, grate the papaya to get smooth pulp. Measure 1cup (270gms) of papaya pulp and keep it aside.


Take a table spoon of orange juice into another bowl and add citric acid and mix well---keep this aside till use. Take a deep microwave safe bowl and add papaya pulp, orange zest, orange juice and sugar. Mix all the ingredients well till sugar dissolves. Place this bowl in microwave oven and cook uncovered on high power for 10 minutes. Wearing mittens carefully remove the bowl from oven and stir well. Again place the bowl in microwave oven and cook uncovered for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the bowl from oven and stir well. Check the consistency of the marmalade. Again place the bowl in microwave oven and cook uncovered on high power for 5 minutes. Remove bowl from oven and stir the marmalade. Observe that the mixture is sufficiently thick---if not cook for few more minutes. Add the orange juice in which citric acid has been dissolved to the prepared marmalade and mix well. Cool the marmalade completely and then transfer to a serving bowl.


Use the orange marmalade to make a unique flavored refreshing orange ice cream. To know more about orange ice cream, see another video in my website.

Mix some orange marmalade with hung curd and make an instant dip.

Spread the orange marmalade on hot toasts and enjoy the tangy flavor.

Points To Observe:

Basically we need 1Tbsp of orange zest and 1Cup (240gms) of orange juice---so use as many oranges required getting the required amount of zest and juice.

Using a zester if zest is grated, it comes out thinly as compared to zest grated using small holed grater---may be for this reason it didn’t tasted bitter. But if zester is not available small holed grater is the next best option.

Papaya is used to give body to the marmalade without altering the color and taste. Unless told, no one would come to know that papaya has been added to the marmalade.

Add sugar according to taste.

While taking the zest take care not to grate the white portion underneath the outer yellow/orange skin of the orange as it would taste bitter and spoils the taste of the marmalade.

Here I have grated zest of 3 oranges but used zest of only 2 oranges---with the remaining zest I have made orange cookies and they tasted delicious.

Basically we are cooking the mixture to thicken it. Depending upon the capacity, cooking time varies from one microwave oven to the other. Cook the mixture in intervals, checking in between, till the mixture thickens to required consistency. Remember, on cooling the mixture thickens further so cook accordingly. Cooking in microwave oven has its advantages---no need to keep a constant watch, less mess etc.

Take care and always use mittens while removing the bowl from microwave oven as it would be hot.

If microwave oven is not there one can easily make this marmalade even on a stove top. Take a wide and deep pan to cook so that when the mixture splatters it would make less mess on the surrounding area. While cooking on a stove top take care while stirring the mixture as it splatters and the hot mixture when falls on hands it burns.

Make orange marmalade and use it innovatively in your cooking.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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