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Caramel Sauce - కారమేల్ సాస్ - Andhra Recipes Telugu Vantalu - గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

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Recipe Text


    • Sugar – 1/4Cup (60gms)
    • Water – 1/8Cup (35gms)
    • Unsalted Butter – 3/4Tbsp {At Room Temperature}
    • Thick Cream (Malai) – 1Tbsp {At Room Temperature}
    • Milk – 1Tbsp {At Room Temperature}
    • Vanilla Essence – 1/8tsp
    • Salt – A Pinch
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    Mix milk and cream well without any lumps. If required strain the mixture and break all the lumps---as homemade cream forms lumps when mixed with milk we need to break those lumps. As I have used homemade cream (malai) we need to add milk and mix it well. If store bought cream is used no need to add milk.


    Keep all the ingredients nearby as once sugar caramelizes one need to work quickly otherwise the sugar burns.

    Take sugar and water into a deep pan and heat it on low flame. Cook the sugar mixture stirring with a ladle till sugar dissolves completely. It took 3 minutes to dissolve sugar on low flame. From now on do not stir the sugar mixture with a ladle---if required just swirl the pan. Cook the sugar solution till it turns golden in color---cook on low flame only. It took 10 minutes here for the sugar mixture to turn golden in color. Carefully observe and cook the sugar mixture further till it turns to amber color. Here it took one minute for the sugar mixture to turn to amber color. Immediately remove the pan from burner and add butter and stir with a whisk. Once butter is totally incorporated add cream mixture and mix with a whisk. The mixture may bubble up once butter and cream are added---do not panic so only it is advisable to take a deep pan while making caramel sauce. Once cream is fully incorporated add vanilla essence and mix. Transfer the prepared caramel sauce into a clean bowl and cool completely before storing.

    Add the caramel sauce on top of ice creams to get enhanced taste. Use this caramel sauce to make latte art designs on coffee lattes. Pour some caramel sauce on top of fruit pieces and mix and serve with plain vanilla ice cream as a treat.

    Points To Observe:

    See that butter, cream and milk are at room temperature. When cold butter and chilled cream are added to the hot caramel solution the mixture semi solidifies and sticks to the ladle because of the temperature difference. So remember to take all the ingredients which are at room temperature.

    It is advisable to add water and dissolve sugar before caramelizing it. If sugar alone is heated it first starts caramelizing at the outer portions of the bowl and the inner portions remaining white. By the time the inner portion of sugar starts changing color the outer portion changes to dark color. So it is observed that when sugar alone is heated the caramelizing process would be uneven. So it is advisable to add water and melt the sugar in water and then allow it to caramelize to get even coloring throughout. When water is added to sugar and then heated it takes some time to get caramelized. To avoid that time taking process many people heat sugar directly. It is a personal choice to heat sugar with water or without water. If sugar is heated without water then be very careful.

    Here I have used homemade cream which is called malai. As this homemade cream would be thick we need to add some milk and bring it to the right consistency. However if store bought cream is used avoid adding milk. When suing homemade cream mix it with milk well and remove all lumps---if required strain and break all the lumps.

    It is advisable to make caramel sauce on low flame only. Sugar heated on high or medium flame changes color unevenly. When the sugar is heated on high flame the pan also gets heated more and the hot pan enables the sugar to turn further dark even when the flame is switched off. Once the caramelized sugar when gets heated further gives a burnt taste. Caramelized sugar has a subtle taste which should not be spoiled by overheating the sugar. So it is advisable to cook sugar on low flame only.

    Adding vanilla essence to the caramel sauce enhances its taste---however do not add essence much or else it would overpower the natural caramel flavor.

    After the caramel sauce is made immediately transfer it to a clean bowl as the heat of the bowl may further thicken the sauce.

    Pour the caramel sauce into a squeeze bottle and store it in refrigerator and bring it to room temperature before using it.  

    Use caramel sauce as toppings on coffee lattes, vanilla ice cream or on fruits.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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