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English / Hindi NameTelugu NameMovie / TextRecipe CategoryGoogle+

Candied Peels & Fruit Candies Candied Peels & Fruit Candies Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Rice Flour Rice Ravva Biyyapu Pindi & Ravva Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Coconut Breaking and Handling Coconut Breaking and Handling Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Dulce de Leche Dulce de Leche Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Sprouts Molakalu - Sprouts Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Evaporated Milk Evaporated Milk Movie ABC's of Basics  
Butter Sticks & Cubes - Soft Rotis (Tips) Butter Sticks & Cubes - Soft Rotis (Tips) Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Low Fat Cream Low Fat Cream Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Plain Rice Annam - Plain Rice Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Butterscotch Butterscotch Text ABC's of Basics Yes 
Chocolate Syrup Chocolate Syrup Text ABC's of Basics Yes 
How to make Paneer How to make Paneer Movie ABC's of Basics  
Curd (Yogurt) & Hung Curd Perugu & Chikkati Perugu Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Coconut Milk Kobbari Paalu - Coconut Milk Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Vegetable Stock Vegetable Stock Movie ABC's of Basics  
Roti - Phulka Roti - Phulka Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Toddy Palm Fruit Pulp Tati Pandu Gujju Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Ginger Garlic Paste Allam Velluli Mudda Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Spice Powders Spice (Masala) Powders Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Mango Pulp Mamidi pandu Gujju - Mango Pulp Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Sweetened Condensed Milk Sweetened Condensed Milk Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
Ice & Crushed Ice Ice & Crushed Ice Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 
3 in 1 Batter for Idly (Idli), Dosa & Uttappam 3 in 1 Batter for Idly (Idli), Dosa & Uttappam Text ABC's of Basics Yes 
Cream Butter Ghee (Clarified-Butter) Meegada Venna Neyyi Movie ABC's of Basics Yes 

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