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    Posted Apr 12, 2016, 8:37 AM by Gayatri Vantillu
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Recipe Text


    • Chilled Homemade Cream (Malai) – 1/2Cup (125gms)
    • Chilled Milk – 1/4Cup (50gms)
    • Icing Sugar – 2Tbsps (30gms) - See Below
    • Vanilla Essence – 1/8tsp

    (Online Conversion utility to convert Gms to Cups & Temperatures etc)


    To whip the cream take a deep bowl to have enough space. Here I have taken a 250ml measuring jug. Similarly I have used a hand mixer to whip the cream. We need to chill the bowl in which cream would be whipped and the blade/blades of hand mixer to maintain the temperature of the chilled ingredients added. Take the measuring jug and the hand mixer blade and keep them in freezer for 30 minutes to chill.

    Making Icing Sugar:

    • Sugar – 100gms (1/2Cup)
    • Corn Flour – 15gms (1 1/2Tbsps)

    Take a dry mixie jar and add sugar. Cover the mixie jar and grind sugar to make fine powder. To check the texture of the powdered sugar, take little between fingers and rub and see the texture---it should be fine powder. When sugar is ground to the required texture add corn flour and grind again to mix well. Place a fine sieve in a plate and add the prepared icing sugar into it. Sift the icing sugar to get fine textured soft powder. Now icing sugar is ready to use for decorating cakes and pastries. To store the icing sugar take a clean and dry jar and fill it with prepared icing sugar and cover it with a tight lid and store in a dry place.


    After 30 minutes bring out the chilled measuring jug and hand mixer blade from freezer. To the chilled measuring jug add chilled homemade cream (malai), chilled milk, icing sugar and vanilla essence. Fix the chilled blade to the hand mixer and start whipping the cream mixture on high speed. At first the mixture appears runny but do not worry---just whip on high speed only. Like this, whip the cream mixture on high speed till the mixture starts thickening. After about one minute and 45 seconds observe that the mixture started thickening. From now whip the cream mixture on medium speed watching carefully. After 45 seconds observe that the mixture reached soft peak stage. To get a spreadable consistency cream needs to be whipped till it reaches stiff peak stage. But from now on whip the cream mixture on low speed only. Cream transforms into butter quickly from this stage---so to have control on the situation, whip on low speed only. After whipping the cream on low speed for 45 seconds observe that cream reached the stiff peak stage---which means whipped cream is ready!!!! Take some whipped cream with a spoon and hold it in inverted position and observe that cream does not fall easily---that is the stiff peak stage. Taste the whipped cream and observe that it is so light and just melts in your mouth. Transfer the prepared whipped cream into a dry bowl and store in refrigerator till use. Use this whipped cream to make ice creams or spread this whipped cream between slices of cake and make pastries. Decorate cakes with this whipped cream or serve along with a piece of cake.

    Points To Observe:

    Use a hand mixer to easily whip the cream or else use a whip or even a fork to whip the cream—but it would take some time and also requires some energy to whip manually.

    For best and easy results use chilled ingredients. Also chill the bowl in which cream would be whipped and also chill the blade of the hand mixer or whisk with which cream would be whipped.

    While making icing sugar do not add sugar and corn flour together and grind—first make powdered sugar and then add corn flour to mix well. Adding corn flour in the beginning obstructs the grinding process and it takes long time to grind to the required texture resulting in heating up the mixie jar soon. To get smooth textured icing sugar first grind sugar well and then mix corn flour.  

    Usually whipped cream is used to decorate cakes and make pastries---that is the reason I have added all the ingredients together and whipped so that we get sweetened whipped cream. But for some recipes if plain or unsweetened whipped cream is required then do not add icing sugar and vanilla essence and follow the same method to get plain/ unsweetened whipped cream.

    Homemade cream would always be thick as we separate only the cream from the chilled milk. If this thick cream is whipped it would become butter in just few seconds. Add some milk to the thick homemade cream and start whipping and observe that it would take some time before the mixture starts thickening. So adding milk is important when using homemade thick cream.

    When the ingredients are being whipped observe that at first the mixture appears runny as the powdered sugar melts in milk and mixture appears runny. So it is a controllable situation to whip on high speed as the mixture is runny. When the mixture starts thickening one has to be alert –so from that time it is advisable to whip on medium speed till the mixture further thickens. When the mixture reaches soft peak stage one has to be more alert while whipping the cream as the mixture may transform into butter within seconds—so it is advisable to whip the cream at low speed only from the soft peak stage. To have control on the situation is more important otherwise once the mixture turns into butter nothing can be reversed but to enjoy a sweetened flavored butter. If doubtful, one may give pause at intervals and see and check and then whip till practiced. Another option is to whip manually from this stage till the required consistency is reached.

    I used to pour full cream milk in a bowl and place this bowl in refrigerator for one full day and collect the cream which forms a layer on top of milk. Like this I used to collect sufficient cream by repeating the above process daily. Then using an ice bath I used to beat cream to get whipped cream. But I was always skeptical about using cream which has been collected from milk which has not been boiled. Like many other people, I too collect cream from milk which has been boiled and chilled. As the cream which has been collected from milk which has been boiled and chilled has a grainy texture I had an opinion that it may not be used to make whipped cream---so I used that in food preparations and to make butter and ghee. But one day I felt may be my opinion is wrong and I may need to give it a try. Then I took the thick cream and added some icing sugar and essence and whipped to get a sweetened flavored butter!!! I repeated two to three times and failed to get whipped cream---before I could control it used to transform into butter!!! So I added some milk and then tried stopping at different levels to have control on the situation and I succeeded in my experiment. So after so many trial and errors I got this whipped cream made with cream collected from milk which has been boiled and chilled.

    Having full cream milk at home we generally boil it and chill to collect cream to make butter and ghee or use the cream in various recipes. Now with the success of the above experiment to make whipped cream with cream collected from milk which has been boiled and chilled, one can easily make whipped cream as much and as and when required---no pre-preparations required.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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