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Gayatri Vantillu generates modest revenue by running regular Google Ads on its website. From these earnings, it shares a portion to support Trusts / Non Goverment Organizations(NGO) which work for the less privileged and vulnerable sections in the society i.e Orphans, Old, Sick and Destitute.

The NGOs financial needs are increasing day by day due to the rise in in-mates and costs. The contributions collected are not matching the costs and maintenance for which NGOs financial support needs to be augmented. In order to create a dedicated income stream sponsorships on Gayatri Vantillu are invited. I request you to kindly devote some valuable time of yours and read the following. Probably toward the end you may genuinely find a reason to support this cause.

Gayatri Vantillu puts its premium space (the top left-hand corner) on its website for sponsorship at a reserve price of USD 300 per month, to support Charity. At the current level of viewership the advertiser pays a very nominal & concessional price which is less than 50 cents (Rs 28) per thousand impressions on Gayatri Vantillu. It as small as 2.8 paise per page view

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Any Inspiration to launch this project?

Yes, interaction with a few people like Ms Padmaja of Jattu Trust and Palam Kalyanasudaram etc sparked the intention that I should also learn to give-away. To begin with I have chosen to give away the premium Ad-space on my website for sponsorship to charity.

Why should one take the route of Gayatri Vantillu while contributing to charity.

Contributing directly for chaity is the best, where you Donate and Forget. However if you desire to have a return for the amount spent on charity in terms of an advertisement, teaming with Gayatri Vantillu provides an Adspace to advertise. During last month Gayatri Vnatillu had 6,22,229 page views with a site visit duration of 7.30 minutes per viewer

Is the pricing of Gayatri Vantillu really concessional as claimed earlier? How do you justify it?

When I say concessional it's really concessional because the ad costs on websites of my size command a minimum pricing of USD 1.0 per thousand impressions. I quote for sponsorship just 50% of the market's lower end pricing and indicate it as 50 cents for thousand impressions. 

How do you determine that it is a premium space.

The space on the left hand top corner is considered the most precious placement, because a viewers' attention first falls on this place during the site visit. Therefore, this place commands highest premium in terms of Ad revenue.

We don’t see any potential for people to sponsor and put ads at your site. Are you really convinced?

Yes, I’m convinced and committed. Let me explain it a bit more as to how it can be used –

1. Blog owners / Website owners – Persons who own websites and blogs viz beauty and health, interior decoration, poetry, gardening, music, tailoring, stitching etc can consider driving traffic to their websites from Gayatri Vantillu.

2. Individuals – There are many happy occasions when we desire to feed the less privileged – Example Birthdays, Engagements, Marriage Anniversaries, Retirement Functions, Thread Ceremony, Bon-voyage, Foreign return, House-warming  etc. Its usual to upload the photographs of these happy moments to facebook, picassa etc and share it. Through sponsoring a link on Gayatri Vantillu, you announce to the world your happiness and redirect them to your Facebook / Blog etc where you host your photographs. In the process you feed the poor too!!

3. Societies – Various social organizations which desire to announce their programs can use this space. Example - Telugu Maha Sabhalu, Tyagaraja Utsavamulu, Music / Dance / Drama / Cultural Festivals, Yoga classes, Meditation classes etc. Through sponsorship your message is broadcasted and so also the poor are fed

4. Corporates – Every corporate house has a Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) budget. They give donations through these funds. If these funds are routed to Gayatri Vantillu suggested NGOs the CSR objective of feeding the poor is fulfilled and the Corporate house also gets an ad-space for one month.

(Competing Cookery, Pornography, Adult, NGO, Gambling etc sites would not be entertained for sponsorship.)

What is your viewer base?

For the period 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2013, Gayatri Vantillu had 6.4 million page views. From a daily 13,493 page views it has progressively increased to 19,722. For May 2013 it had 622,229 page-views.

How much do you charge?

The reserve price is USD 300 per month. The monthly charges fixed are indicated in the tariff table below

 Sl no


Price Tag in USD


 Sponsored by


July 2013





August 2013





September 2013





October 2013





November 2013





December 2013





January 2014





February 2014





March 2014





April 2014





May 2014





June 2014




The pricing is a bit high. Can you take booking for a few days, 3-4 days and reduce your charges?

As an introductory offer I'm ready to accept booking for 50% of monthly pricing for 15 days booking. I can't be reduced further

As an advertiser how much does it cost for me?

The calculation is simple -  you pay USD for 622 thousand page impressions, which comes to less that 50 cents (INR 28) for 1000 impressions. In other words it is as small as 2.8 paise per page-view

Is the booking to be made on per page impression basis?

No, it is on a bulk booking for one month / 15 days. 

How do I book for this space?

You should be willing to contribute your charity to the NGOs with whom I’m associated to book this Ad-space. 

How do I contribute?

All these organization have regular bank accounts the details of which are given in their websites. You need to remit through bank transfer only and send me through mail the e-receipt for the contribution.

How do you know that it is not a fake receipt?

I would contact the NGO to confirm receipt of the amount before running your Ad.

What are the exact steps to book the space?

  • Check the tariff table above to confirm that the Ad-space is available
  • Send an e-mail to expressing your interest where in specify the month for which you are interested to book.
  • You receive a confirmation mail on the availability and the NGO / Trust to which you should contribute along with their bank details and email address
  • After remitting the money, send the e-print out of the bank transfer receipt through e-mail to both me and the NGO
  • NGO would confirm both you & me through e-mail for having received this amount.
  • Send me the details of the sponsorship Ads in the formats of jpeg file or a write up and the hyper link to which it should be connected.
  • The sponsorship ad would run for the month specified.

How big an Ad or matter can be posted?

You can put any JPEG image and hyperlink it to your website / Blog / Facebook page / Google Page etc. Example it can be your marriage photo and give a redirection to your online album or it can be you graduation photo or if a new baby is born - it can be her photo with your parents etc. Imagination is yours.

If you want to put a text you can as well create a JPEG file of this text against a background of your choice and send it to us.

All these JPEG files would be scaled down to 144 px. The size and location would remain exactly the same at that of the default ad presently in display.

Would you assure how many page views and clicks would be there?

Not possible. We can only send the Google analytics page in pdf detailing the page views only at the end of the month. We cannot guarantee any clicks.

Do I get tax exemptions for these contributions?

Normally you should and I believe you would. Some of these organization like (Pallavi trust, DMWS) are too small and remotely located. The trustees may not be conversant with the process of availing tax exemptions by applying them to the IT authorities. If you are specific about IT exemptions you may indicate the same and we would suggest such organizations which have obtained IT exemption for their collections.

Would Gayatri Vantillu stand guarantee for the IT exemption?

NO. We just believe the NGO, but you need to independently ascertain their claim of having been exempted from IT. The onus lies on you

Would Gayatri Vantillu get any tax exemptions from sponsors contributions?

NO. Money doesn’t flow through its hands. Gayatri Vantillu is only facilitating fund raising for a few sincere NGOs and is not eligible for any IT exemptions made by the sponsors.

Would Gayatri Vantillu have a cut or incentive for this fund mobilization?

No it is open for public investigation at all times

Do you give any receipt?

NGOs / Tusts receiving the cash would give the receipt. Gayatri Vantillu doesn't issue any receipt. 

Can we audit the Books?

No payments are made to Gayatri vantillu. Hence access to its books doesn't arise. 

Why is she foolish to give away the prime space?

The desire to feed the poor an extra meal is the driving force behind this objective of being foolish.

Why the reserved price mentioned?

USD 300 comes to nearly Rs 15,000 which is the minimum amount needed to make the Cereal porridge and Lentil soup thicker for one month for inmates.

If a space goes un-booked, is it not a loss?

No, it isn’t because it is not run for profit motive. During those months when it is not booked, Gayatri Vantillu would treat the space having been sponsored by it-self and continue its associations with these trusts as in the past.

If so why this DRAMA, instead continue to support these organizations as in the past and stop this DRAMA.

Through sale of this ad-space, it is an effort to mobilize more money for charity than what Gayatri Vantillu is able to channelize to these organizations. It also has an objective to promote the new culture of e-advertising among common people, who are traditionally accustomed to print media only

Which are the Trusts / Organisations with whom you are associated

Following are the organizations with whom I'm presently associated, as a donor  and intend to channelize more revenue to these trusts to assit them in meeting their increasing needs (Click on the links to know more). They have limited access to donors but are highly committed at the field.

Jattu Trust – Parvatipuram

Pallavi Trust – Dindugal

Deekhsha Mihala Welfare Society - Veerasagaram

Palam Kalyanasundaram Trust

In addition to the above I also contribute annually to the following trusts which have a very huge machinery to mobilize funds from big corporates and have international presence.

SOS Childern's Villages of India and

Akshaya Patra - ISKON Bangalore

I also desire to associate in future as a donor with

Kuraparthy Sai Chaitanya Sravanthi Educational and Charitable Trust - Madanapalle and

Akshaya Trust - Madurai

Would you alter any terms and conditions?

Before running the ads the terms and conditions would be intimated.

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