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జైపూరీ బెండకాయ కూర

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Recipe Text


    Okra (Bendakayalu) – 250gms

    Gram Flour – 40gms (1/4Cup)

    Carom Seeds (Ajwain) – 1/2tsp

    Green Chilies – 7 {Finely Chopped Chilies – 1Tbsp}

    Chopped Coriander Leaves – 2Tbsps

    Dried Mango Powder (Amchur) – 1/2tsp

    Salt – To Taste (1/2tsp)

    Oil For Stuffing – 1Tbsp

    Oil For Making Curry – 3Tbsps

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    Take water in a bowl and add okras into it. Wash okras well by rubbing between fingers. Change water and wash okras well till all dirt is removed. Spread the washed okras on a clean and dry cloth. While the okras are drying let us see other preparations.

    Take water in a bowl and add coriander into it and wash well. Place washed coriander in a colander to drain water. Spread coriander on a cloth and press with a cloth to remove excess moisture. Then finely chop the coriander and measure 2Tbsps and take it into a plate.

    Wash green chillies well in water. Take a green chilli and slit it vertically into 4 parts. Then hold the slit green chilli and chop it finely. Similarly chop all the green chillies. Observe that the 7 green chillies when chopped yielded 1Tbsp of chopped green chillies. Take the chopped chillies into a plate.

    By now observe that okras are well dried…take them into a plate.Take okra and cut the top portion and slit vertically keeping the okra intact. Similarly cut all the okras and keep them aside.


    Heat a pan and add 1Tbsp oil and heat oil. When oil is hot add carom seeds and allow them to fry for few seconds. Then add finely chopped green chilies and fry stirring till they turn slightly crispy. By then the carom seeds release their flavor and the space is filled with a nice aroma. Then add finely chopped coriander leaves and fry stirring till they wilt slightly. Then add gram flour and mix and fry stirring till it starts leaving the pan. Break the lumps of gram flour formed with the back of ladle and fry. Fry gram flour until it does not stick to the pan. When done frying gram flour add dried mango powder and salt and mix well. Taste the mixture and add salt if required…as we cannot add salt once the mixture is stuffed in okras. Transfer the prepared stuffing mixture to a plate and spread to cool. Once the mixture is slightly cooled, break lumps using fingers.

    Take okra between two fingers and press slightly so that the slit widens and becomes easy to stuff. Now take a small spoonful of the prepared stuffing mixture and stuff the okra. Stuff the okra with sufficient stuffing mixture. One can also stuff the mixture with clean hand as that would be easy. By whatever way one is comfortable, stuff the okra.  Similarly stuff all the okras with the stuffing mixture. Observe that some stuffing mixture is left and we can add this to the curry once all the okras are fried well.

    Heat a flat pan and add 3Tbsps oil and heat oil. When oil is hot add the stuffed okras carefully. Try to arrange the okras in a single layer if possible. Gently stir the okras with ladle so that oil gets coated evenly to all okras. Observe that entire oil is absorbed by all okras. Cover the pan with lid and cook okras on low to medium flame. After every 3 to 4 minutes remove lid and stir the okras gently. Cover pan and cook okras till they are cooked. Check the okras by pressing with ladle for doneness. If they are not cooked fully cover the pan and cook them.  When okras appear tender and cooked then remove lid and add the remaining stuffing mixture and mix gently. Now fry the okras without covering the pan. Stir the okras in between for even frying. When okras turn crisp then switch off flame. Transfer the prepared Bhendi Jaipuri to a serving plate and serve hot with hot plain rice. This dish can also be served as a starter as they taste good as they are.

    Points To Observe:

    Take tender and small sized okras to make Bhendi Jaipuri.

    It is advisable to wash okras well in water so that all the dirt is removed…many people just wipe the okras as they feel that washed okras when cooked the curry turns slimy. But when washed one can actually see how much dirt these okras carry. After washing okras spread them on a dry cloth and leave for a while so that they gets dried well.

    Take green chillies as per requirement to make the curry sufficiently spicy. Remember to finely chop green chilies and fry them in oil till they turn crisp so that they do not taste hot instead release their flavor into the oil.

    Carom seeds give a special taste to this dish.

    Many feel we should not use hands and fingers and touch the ingredients while cooking…but trust me it would be more comfortable when we use our hands and fingers…for example to stuff any mixture in vegetables it is easy when we use our fingers rather than a spoon. Of course one needs to wash and dry their hands well before stuffing the vegetables.

    Once the stuffing mixture is ready, observe that there are lumps. As the mixture is well fried in oil there won’t be any rawness in the lumps also. Just break the lumps with fingers and stuff the okras.

    While frying okras fry them on low to medium heat. If required reduce flame to low and when ever required increase flame to medium and fry. Depending upon the situation, reduce or increase flame and cook/fry the vegetables.

    Always serve this dish hot. Stuff the okras with prepared stuffing and start frying them just before serving so that they remain crisp and taste better.

    They taste very yummy with the nice flavor of carom seeds and with the spiciness of green chillies. It is hard to restrict from eating as they taste so good.

    This is a simple dish can be made easily and tastes excellent. Serve this dish with rice or roti or just as a starter.

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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