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Telugu NameEnglish / Hindi NameMovie / TextRecipe CategoryGoogle+

Aloo Dum - Dum Aloo Dum Potato Movie Non-South Indian  
Aloo & Kaddu (Gummadi) Torkari ( Koora) Pototao & Pumpkin Curry Movie Non-South Indian  
Aloo Paratha Potato Flat Bread Movie Non-South Indian  
Alu Ki Tehri Potato Rice Movie Non-South Indian  
Baigan (Vankaya) Raita Egg Plant in Yogurt Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Bobbarlu Masala Lobia Masala Curry Movie Non-South Indian  
Chilli Paneer Chilli Paneer Movie Non-South Indian  
Chole Paalak Chole Paalak Movie Non-South Indian  
Dokhla Dhokla Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Dum-Biriyani Part-1 Dum-Biriyani Part-1 Movie Non-South Indian  
Dum-Biriyani Part-2 Dum-Biriyani Part-2 Movie Non-South Indian  
Green Peas Soup Green Peas Soup Movie Non-South Indian  
Gugini Gugini Movie Non-South Indian  
Gummadikaya Koora Pumpkin Curry Movie Non-South Indian  
Hyderabadi-bagara-Baingan Hyderabadi-bagara-Baingan Movie Non-South Indian  
Instant Dokhla - Malwa Region Special Malwa Region Special - Instant Dokhla Movie Non-South Indian  
Jain's Palak Paneer Jain's Palak Paneer Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Kadhai Paneer Kadhai Paneer Movie Non-South Indian  
Kheera Dosakaya Raita Cucumber Raita Movie Non-South Indian  
Malai Kofta Curry Malai Kofta Curry Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Nawabi Dal Nawabi Dal Text Non-South Indian Yes 
Noor-E-Paneer Noor-E-Paneer Movie Non-South Indian  
Palak Paneer Spinach Curry with Indian Cottage Cheese Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Paneer Makhanwala Paneer Makhanwala Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Paneer VahrehVah Paneer VahrehVah Movie Non-South Indian  
Rajma Koora Red Kidney Beans Curry - Rajma Movie Non-South Indian Yes 
Tomato Khatta Sweet Sour Tomato Chutney Movie Non-South Indian  

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