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One must be wondering – Why a recipe website is hosting a Matrimonial Column? When big marriage portals are already there, why this is again attempted here?

Yes, It’s a sudden and spontaneous decision for a niche segment of the society who feel that Marriage is a Union of Families not just a Union of Boy and Girl.

Down my memory lane, I remember the days when my parents were looking for a good match for me. As per the then prevailing customs and practices, my marriage was not fixed in a traditional manner. In those days it was a practice to scout and get proposals through known people. While fathers used to depend on acquaintances in office and elsewhere, mothers used to visit puja congregations (i.e Perantalu in Telugu) to get references for good proposals. As young ones we used to attend all marriages of our cousins, thus giving an opportunity other elders to see us physically. As unmarried girls we had a role in the marriage customs, i.e to make mala (necklace) of black beads (Nallapusalu Guchhatam - in Telugu), which the bride would wear during the marriage rituals.

This tradition is almost lost now. With over-emphasis on education, our children are off at hostels or in residential schools and on most occasions they are unable to attend family functions. Now-a-days  Marriage functions are divided into two parts - Marriage rituals and Reception. In the former part i.e Marriage rituals we find only old / retired people being present & while for reception it is a huge gathering of office colleagues, acquaintances etc who attend the function in a hurry only to grab a plate, eat and go. In short there is no opportunity for the elders to see the young brides / grooms. Interactions between the families has almost become negligible. Logically it increased the business of marriage portals.

During our times in 1980s only people who had some personal and other problems, resorted to matrimonial ads. Those who reached the dead end on the road to marriage, used to put a matrimonial ad in a newspaper and solicit matrimonial ads. Similarly it was considered that people who failed to keep-up the social connections needed to refer to matrimonial ads for their children.

My husband was placed at Mumbai and my in-laws were placed at Cuttack in Odisha. Hence few from our community knew that there was an eligible bachelor. No proposals were coming through for him. Hence he had to take matrimonial columns route in Indian Express. There were almost very few responses. Taking pity, Indian Express repeated his matrimonial ad on their own after two weeks - LOL:). It was just a chance that my brother while going through the Sunday newspaper went through this matrimonial ad and brought it to my father's notice. His suggestion was instantly dismissed. As an after-thought, in the afternoon parents decided to give it a try and our family responded to this ad.

It was revolutionary for both families to come together with the help of matrimonial ads. We had lot of apprehensions while responding to an unknown paper matrimonial. The apprehensions and cautionary notes by the relatives did make us nervous. Towards the end we realized that the groom is none other than the guy whose aunt was my grandmother's neighbor at our native place. Letters were exchanged between the families for two months and the basic objective was to get clues about common references. In my case it happened to be my maternal uncle who became a common reference point as he turned out to be the class-mate of my father-in-law at Benaras Hindu University in 1958.

Against this back-ground, I feel that, the more the families exchange information on their relatives, the easier it would be to decide on the matches. With this objective I decided to host a matrimonial portal at Gayarivantillu comes, where I consider marriage is a union of two families instead of union of just a boy and girl! My matrimonial portal emphasizes  on people  voluntarily disclosing more on the their antecedents, relatives etc so as to build confidence in both parties.

In addition, those who visit my pages are presumably food-lovers and enjoy home-made food. While one needs to put time & effort to prepare tasty and healthy home-made food, the partner also needs to devote time to enjoy it. In the present day busy, consumer oriented material life-styles, time has become as a limiting factor. It's no wonder that people don't have time to beget and rear children! Such being the order of the day, "Food Lovers" and "Home Makers" are becoming rare. Soon they would be a niche segment of the society.

My website is a food rendezvous for food lovers.Then comes the thought - why not help the like minded with the same liking and value systems to choose a life-partner and tie the knot through my website? For this I need to have a self building data-base of young Food-Lovers and aspiring Home Makers. To meet this objective the matrimonial form i.e Matrimonial Links has been devised for

It is a free social service from This portal doesn't insist for photos of the Grooms and Brides. Instead it encourages, to furnish details of parents, uncles and other elders. Parents address is made mandatory because, we strongly feel that elders from both sides should be involved while solemnizing their marriages. Those who consider to provide e-mail and mobile numbers may also leave them along with their parents addresses. If one desires links to Photos and profiles on Google+, Facebook etc. can also be furnished

I have attempted to give two examples, one each of a Groom and Bride, suggesting how to fill the form. Give the family details as much as possible for the proposer to make sufficient inquiries before approaching you. 

Following are the mistakes often made while filling this form

1. They don't give full address. Such entries are as good as good as invalid because, even if one wants to propose they is no way to communicate

2. The photo and profile links are not given and even if given are wrong. Proposers would rank such entries low and may not approach also. 

Caution note : - At Gayatri Vantillu we wouldn't conduct any screening of the submitted data. It's just a data-base submitted voluntarily by young food-lovers. This compilation is expected to assist them in selection of prospective Brides / Grooms. Antecedents and Authenticity of the information left on this web-site along with the profiles hosted elsewhere needs to be thoroughly verified by the interested individuals and their elders. Always remember that one cannot rule out the lurking crooks and cheats in this virtual world!

Complaints, Feedback and request for removal of others names wouldn't be entertained and replied. 

The desirous may fill the form below for including their names in the Matrimonial Links database. Prospective Grooms and Brides need to re-register on this site every six months because the system would be purging records which are older than six months.

After filling the form their name would appear in the database at the following link. To view the link sign off from your email & other logins

Those benefited by my effort, are requested to send their marriage photographs for being published on this portal.

I seek cooperation from public to desist from submitting anonymous and pseudo profiles. Let us all work together for a good cause.

Hope this initiative would help a few prospective couples!!

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