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 When one steps into public domain,  she automatically comes under a public scanner too. This leads to praises, critiquing, criticism, ridiculing et' all by viewers. When cheered we feel happy and obviously sorry when jeered. Beauty lies in taking all comments with equanimity. While some viewers are polite & polished - some sermon, exhibit rudeness and cannot hide their jealousy and intolerance. Here I host mostly Jeers received over the period and a few Cheers. These comments have been either posted on the Blog / Youtube or sent through emails.  I hope people who Jeered  may also see the Cheer comments below and introspect as to whether it was necessary at all to Jeer & if needed, whether their comments could have been a bit toned down. Goodluck!!!

S Gayatri Devi Sharma



pilotbutterfly has made a comment on Home Made Chocolate:

man, that's some gay atri

 palaparti said...

amma talli telugu sarigga nerchuko.

"aasistaanu" kaadu "aasistunnanu" anaali

idi katte pongali ki response

MundaPunjabi83 has made a comment on Aloo Paratha:

which f***ing language was this

StarcraftBWStarcraft has made a comment on Mirapakaya Bajji (Mirchi Bonda):

f**k you telugu people are shit

kormaroad has made a comment on RAWA IDLI:

Even north or other part of Indians enjoy south Indian food .
Can you plz update with english subtitles ?

gopalhema has made a comment on Cauliflower Vepudu:

please dont use the news paper its not healthy.Use the kitchen napkins.

cloned2 has made a comment on Cauliflower Vepudu:

enjoy eating ink? yummy

BasementAnimation has made a comment on Fruit Dessert:

puttiii kuttiiikundiiii lmfao

Francheska7778 has made a comment on Home Made Chocolate:

WOWW THAT WOMAN DOESN'T BREATH WHILE SHE TALKS... SHE GAVE ME A HEADEACHE ... THE ONLY THING TO HEAR IS "Branchero trikiticata granuja labati apekete lamogalebet brometo " AHHHHH

mikelang15 has made a comment on Home Made Chocolate:

qlkerjhjqherhlqlkej jkre ENGLISH!!!!!!!

aquaunni has made a comment on Fruit Dessert:



Anonymous said...

Namasthe Gayathri garu,
Na peru ARJUN.Nenu Sweden lo chaduvkuntunnanu. Flight ekkinapudu nakasalu vanta radu. Ma amma garu chala badhapadevaru.modatlo chala kastapadina, teliyaka vanta chedagottevadini. alanti samayam lo Gayatrivantillu nannu aadukundi. ma amma garu chaala varaku happyga unnaru, antha mee chalave.meekela THANKS cheppalo teliyatledu. mee sahayanni THANKS tho saripuchalante thakkuvemo anipisthundi. meeru enchukunna padhathi nakentho nachindi. mee vantalu aarogyapraayanga untayi(+point). Daadapuga foreign lo na frnds andaru mee vantalatho ne vanta meeda aasakthi penchukuntu sulabhanga nerchukuntunnaru. maa andaritharapuna meeku chala pedha thanks.oka chinna question. na daggara cooker ledu, kabatti kandipappu oven lo enthasepu pedithe chakkaga boil avthundo specify cheyagalara...please...???

Gayatrivantillu-->Fantastic & Marvalous. Hats off to your work(1 women army). Kudos Madam.

February 6, 2011 11:03 AM

Blogger Gayatri Vantillu said...

Babu Arjun,

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement.

It's very difficult to cook dal in the microwave oven (even if you soak it overnight). Best is to cook it on stove top. Carry a cooker next time when you visit India. It would help you a lot.

February 16, 2011 5:31 AM

 Soumya said...

Namaste gayatri garu,

I'm a telugu lady living in US. Naku mi vantalu chusi napudu alla ma Mamma Garu gurthuku vastaru. Madi joint family so nenu perigindhi antha ma grandparents thoti. Ma mamma entha traditional and authentic ga vantalu chese varo ave methods miru chupistunte naku express cheyalenatha santosham ga undhi. nenu ipudu mi vantalu chusi avi chesthe ma intlo vallu andaru chala bagunayi ani antunaru. Miku chala thanks chepali.
Nenu mi healthy vanatlu chusi kuda chala inspire ayanu. On the whole I should thankyou a lot for having a website like this. This will enable so many people to cook deliciously with simple methods and eat healthy. Chala Thanks andi.
Smt. Soumya

January 10, 2011 11:07 PM

Karunasree said...

Hi Gayathri ji, Recipes are Nice and They all WORK. Nothing Misses.
Thanks for the Site.

November 30, 2010 6:42 AM


Anonymous said...

Hello Gayatri gaaru,

My name is Gururaj and that iam a Software Engineer working in the IT division of a France based Investment Bank called Societe Generale ..

I have referred your portal to many of my fellow colleagues(not just female employees, but also male employees as well), both in India and in France.

My fellow colleagues in the offshore division liked it so much that they started using it quite regularly to cook some of our own andhra dishes ..

To me, this portal is the best amongst many other one's available in the world wide web and it has been quite an useful tool for all those who wish to try new dishes all the time !!

I really liked the way you replied to one of the user's who was asking you to narrate the videos in english.

To me, language should never be a barrier in this world of globalisation and one must have inclination and zeal to learn new languages, if at all that is becoming a hindrance for their growth !!

After all, we human's invented language and not the other way round, isn't it ?? !!

I take the oppurtunity to thank you on everyone's behalf !!

November 19, 2010 3:39 PM

Blogger Never Mind....!!! said...

Good Evening Ma'm.

i was just browsing for andhra recipes and found a video on youtube.
Dats the way i came across ur website.

Arati puvvu recipe made me think of my grand ma..

Love ur attitude ma'm..

Being a working bachelor, i never find time on cooking. ur site makes it easy for me.. some volume on and staying in kitchen and following ur voice finishes my job..

Great Efforts...

Vunta Ma'm.

            Pavan Kumar

January 23, 2010 12:04 AM

Anonymous said...

Gayatri Garu,

I would like appreciate all the hardwork you are putting in.I was born and brough up in A.P and currently residing in Canada. Your videos help me a lot in preparing various dishes.Being a working professional+bachelor i was feeding myself on frozen and ready to eat food. Your recipes finally made me lit the fire in my kitchen.

I have suggested my would-be- wife to learn all the recipes from your webpage.

Once again i thank you for your efforts.


October 27, 2008 1:24 AM

sampradaaya vedika... said...

Hi madam... naa peru Jyothsna.mee "gayatri vantillu" choodagane maa noru vooruthundi,kaaranam yemitantee... meeru choopinche recipe videos tho mamu kuda chaala ruchikaram gaa intlone chesukuntoo happy ga tintunnamu. nanu paanipuri, palak paneer, samosa try chesanu. chala super gaa vunnayi. meeru chesthunna ee help ki chala chala thanks. ilaage mee vantalanu maa andariki yellappudu nerputhu vundalani, mamu kuda kotta kotta items nerchukovalani korukuntunnanu.


May 14, 2010 8:43 PM


SupriyaKiran said...

Hello Gayathri garu...

Nenu mee vantalu chala try chesanu. simply superb.
kotthaga pelli ayina ammayilaki chala easy ga vanta cheyyochhu ani mee vantalu chusaka artham ayyindi.
thank you for ur great receipes.


May 14, 2010 6:45 PM

AnonymousMadhuri said...

Hello gayathri garu,
My name is Madhuri.I was born and brought up in Rjy,Egdt,AndhraPradesh.Right now residing in USA with my hubby and son.I love your recipes and the way u present them,especially the videos are amazing.Me too after coming to USA started a food blog which I prepare in day to day life at home. The link is You are an inspiration to me and remind me of my moms cooking u make me feel at home when I see your videos.This is such a useful website for people like me staying far away from home.
Keep posting and would be trying all your recipes and will let u know how they turned out.
Thankyou once again for wonderful recipes.

November 10, 2008 9:26 PM