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Top Chef India - Gayatri Sharma - Gayatri Vantillu - YouTube India 2014

Slide Show of the YouTube India 2014 Top Chef Event

2014 YouTube India Top Chef

The YouTube India - Top Chef 2014 event was conducted on 06 August 2014 at Delhi Oberoi.  Though YouTube India has declared it, I consider it to be more of an awarded given by my viewers, whose collective patronage measured on a composite YouTube popularity index reckoning Number of Views, Subscribers, Video hosting frequency, Length of Watch time etc. made me eligible for this "TOP CHEF" title. 

Four more Indian channels have been identified, apart from "Gayatri Vantillu" for this TOP CHEF - 2014.

The selected Indian Chefs were Sanjay Thumma (of VahreVah Recipes), Gayatri Sharma i.e myself (of Gayatri Vantillu), Nisha Madhulika (of Nisha Madhulika Recipes), Sanjeev Kapoor (of Khana Khajana) & Harpal Singh (of Turban Tadka).

Yaman Agarwal (of Cooking Shooking was a special invitee for having started his channel at a young age, i.e 13 years) and having a good patronage.

Following is the introduction video played at the event before I spoke

Gayatri Vantillu | గాయత్రి వంటిల్లు

I thank my VIEWERS for their patronage, which put me into this niche group. I once again re-dedicate myself to host more & more qualitative, dependable and home-made recipes which an ordinary Home-maker or Mom would cook for the delight of her family.