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Shed Weight - Not Tears

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Putting on weight is gradual and happens over a period of time. It’s not an overnight development. During initially stages people look a bit chubby and glowing. Little do they realize that time has come to have a calorie audit.  Gradually with time they cross this “looking good and feeling good” barrier to become fat and then finally obese. Having reached there, they come-up with various reasons which made them over-weight.  It would have been years, by the time they realize and accept that they should reduce weight and are in the “Over weight – Fat – Obese” category. With a desire to reduce, it’s quite natural to look around for suggestions or medications which would reduce their weight fast (if not overnight). It’s a multimillion or billion business to dispense pills to this effect and many in the public are prone to it.

At this juncture I request my viewers to pause a while and think on the following lines.

1. If we put on weight over a period of ten years can we reduce in 10 days?
2. Should it not take at least 10 months to get back to normal?
3. If we adopt artificial means to reduce, would we not bounce back within a few days to the same conditions?
4. Is introduction of a pill or a chemical or a molecule justified in to system for weight reduction? Wouldn’t the kidney struggle to clear this chemical from the blood?

Having answered the questions for yourself, I would like to share my family’s experience which may be useful to you too.

Generally we have food 3 times - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Each course is expected to be more or less equal in calories. But, in many families who have an office goer or school going child - Dinner is heaviest and Lunch is lightest among the three.  For adults there are few cups of coffee or teas acting as filler gaps and socializing essentials during the day.

Against this backdrop, for those who want to shed weight without shedding tears, I suggest the following:

a) Change to black coffee or black tea. Avoid sugar by all means It’s not difficult to get used these sugarless drinks.
b)Thereafter take the Raagi Lassi shown in the video recipe below.

Over a period of time i.e. one month you are bound to reduce weight by a few pounds. How does it work?

Simple you are cutting down on your calories intake when you substitute your lunch with this drink. Initially there would be slight hunger pangs and subside them with sugarless green tea or black tea. Adopting this routine you would look forward for your dinner. Have a normal dinner. Don’t compensate for the Lunch and eat more at Dinner. Be conscious and see how you get the results.

What is so good in this Raagi Lassi?
1) Its rich in Calcium and Iron. We add a pinch of salt to the recipe which contains Sodium too.  These are vital salts needed by the body
2) Raagi has a hard cover which gets into the Raagi Flour to add roughage
3) Raagi gets digested slowly and releases energy slowly.
4. Except infants and children below 12 years, all other age groups can start without any medical prescription
5) Nursing mothers who are in the final stages of withdrawing the dependence of child on “Mothers Milk” can start it.

Last but not the least – It is tried and experimented at my home. My husband needed to shed a few kilograms to be within the acceptable BMI (Body Mass Index) & HWR (Hip to Waist Ratio). He has achieved it and continues with Raagi Lassi because it helps him to remain at the ideal weight. Now he is a big fan of this recipe.

It is easy to pack and carry too. Earlier it used to be a lunch box, now it’s a lunch bottle!! While on travel also it’s easy to have this food, because you just need to drink it.In a tight office schedule, you can still keep time for your lunch drink!! No need to skip or re-schedule


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