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Sex Education in Children

News about Rapes have become common now-a-days. Some get highlighted. Heated debates follow on the role of media, parents and schools and the need for Sex Education in children.

How many of us are really conscious to the fact that our child also needs to be made aware of sex in a healthy manner?
Are we clear about who should impart it to our child?
Whether as parents, educating our child on SEX, is it our responsibility or that of schools' who have taken hefty fees?

Well instead of answering and debating these questions, let me share what I feel on the subject. Child is mine and therefore as a parent I should be able to anticipate his requirements and be prepared. If it is daughter, mother should take the initiative and if a son, father should take the initiative. As soon as the child is taught about pollination in biology, parents at home should make efforts to collect material on sex education for their children.

While at Bhubaneswar and Bhopal whenever we used to visit Book exhibitions, my husband used to take some time to go to the educational CDs section.  He zeroed on to the CD titled “How Your Body Works”. In animation it showed how heart circulates blood, how signals are passed in  nervous system, how food gets digested, how an embryo is formed etc.

When my son was in his eighth standard on a Sunday afternoon, my husband took the initiative and asked me to leave the room because “Boys need to discuss something in private!!!”. He introduced my son to the various sections in this CD, including reproductive organs at leisure and assured him that he can watch any portion of this CD whenever he desires without guilt because it just talks about human body.  In a few days soon we could make out that the child is fond of this CD and is watching it, when we were not at home and he was watching a few sections in particular. Our objective was fulfilled.

After six months when he was asked to give a speech in school assembly, he chose the topic as to how the heart pumps blood in human body. He got a big applause. The confidence he exhibited in his speech made many to speculate that he likes biology and therefore would become a doctor. Neigh he became an engineer!!! As parents we knew the love is for the CD and its contents and it has nothing to do with Biology.

In olden days when CDs were not available, temple walls used to adore the pictures / sculptures of Kamasutra, which used to serve the social objective. Now we have many other resources at our disposal. As parents we should ensure that our child gets exposed to the right material for sex education instead of cheap pornography CDs from friends.

Once the child has a good foundation on sex education, later when exposed to Blue films in college and hostel he would understand that what he sees is highly edited and corrupted material on sex. I feel as parents we have an important role in his sex education, because child is ours!!!

I just share these thoughts with my viewers, who may be seeking a clue on sex education for their children.

Below is the link from a scene in the movie ‘Balika Badhu”, which very nicely depicts how a girl transforms after visiting Konark temple.

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