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While hearing to music, our body and soul get united in the realm of sublime bliss.

When lyrics are good we relate ourselves at that moment to its content and meaning. We are bodily conscious and associated. Therefore it is said to be the “BODY” state in music.

A raga or tune takes us through the crescendos and turfs. We close our eyes and are mentally deported to a serene bliss. Unknowingly we start clapping our hands or tapping our foot to the rhythm (beats / tala). This state of serene bliss is known as “SOUL” state in music.

Any good music should necessarily have meaningful lyrics, soothing raga (tune) and a rhythmical beat (tala). Thus “BODY” and “SOUL” states blend together in good music.

Breathing, heartbeat, walking, chewing food (while eating) etc are all rhythmical human activities. In a balanced state all these activities are rhythmical and have a synchronized common phase. In a disturbed state either one or more rhythms go out of phase.

By default children tend to attain rhythmic balance in short time. Thus they are happy. As age progresses it takes more and more time to come back to this balanced state. The period between disturbed and balanced states is filled with tensions, anxiety, nervousness etc.

Singing and hearing music are known sources, which help in restoring the rhythmic balance. Music can be any form of ones choice and mood. It can range from Vedas, Devotional, Classical, Semi-classical and from Films also. It should never be jarring and shouldn't always be fast and in high pitch only. It should be able to take you up & down in its notes and oscillate your body rhythm.

Generally humming a song helps one to align all the rhythmical activities within himself to a common phase to regain balance. Music Therapy works on this concept!!!!

Therefore keep humming as often as you can. One needn't take others permission to hum a song so as to be happy and healthy. Ofcourse to sing a song in public it may be needed!!!

Film and Light Music

Most of the film music in the olden days laid emphasis on all the three aspects discussed above.  In these lyrics, the romance was expressed in subtle terms through similes. It left a scope for imagination in the audience. As years passed, decibels increased with pitch and beats, and lyrics became explicit and vulgar.

It's natural for the youth to seek fast songs and so also its natural for the same persons to seek more melodious and meaningful songs as they grow mature and older. The present generation is laying more emphasis on beats (tala), while ignoring the tune (raga) and lyrics component. With the media focused on profiteering concepts, the new songs are much hyped and popularized which at times makes me wonder whether the present generation and the future generations would at all remember and know that there was an era in the past which laid emphasis on these three essential elements of lyrics, raga and tala for a good music. I hope the present and future generations would atleast lend their ear once to the songs having an optimum balance of Raga, Tala and Lyrics, so as to appreciate and register its content, so as to fall back in times of emotional stress.

Through this post I wish to remind my viewers to appreciate a song in its totality and encourage them to hum it for the day

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