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In Mahabharata, after the great war when Kunti decides to go to Vaanaprastha (Forests) along with

Dhrutarashtra and Gaandhari, Dharmaraja pleads with her to stay-back. Then Kunti tells "Past (Older Generation) needs to vacate in order to give place to the Present (New Generation)". What a beautiful statement, suggesting for a graceful retirement while one is still active, isn't?

I have turned 46 this year and feel that I have reached the zenith in terms of popularity and personal satisfaction through Gayatrivantillu. Compared to the past pace at which I used to host recipes, the present pace is reduced. This pace is likely to reduce further as time progresses with additional responsibilities likely to arise in the family. I feel that the time to retire is gradually approaching and I desire to fade away gracefully into oblivion.

Its heartening to see younger generation gradually filling the space. I find many Young and Enthusiastic freshers with my ideals. They deserve to be encouraged to launch their new Blogs / Websites etc.

The wish list unattended by me is at

Hopefully it would be carried forward by the new Genearation

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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